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Chapter 225 - Missus, Let’s Kill’Em?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 225: Missus, Let’s Kill’Em?

    Biting her lips, Li Shiyao felt so afraid that she could barely stand properly.

    She wanted to cry out loud, to call out for help. At the same time, she was also feeling upset that she was going to let Ning Meng down.

    Li Dao stood up from the floor and extended his sleazy hands toward her. “Now, submit to me, little lamb. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle with you…”


    When Ning Meng arrived at Glamour Club, she saw Sun Ge being chased out by the club’s security.

    She quickly rushed to his side and asked, “What is going on?”

    Sun Ge anxiously responded, “A staff distracted me, saying that we should talk about the contract. After discussing for about 2 minutes, I wanted to head in to check up on Shiyao, yet, as soon as I got near the door, countless staff showed up and stopped me. It seems that this club’s security is really tight! So long as the customers inside do not allow it, no one can get through the door! It’s been 10 minutes, I don’t know what’s going on in there!”

    Hearing this, Ning Meng glared at the club’s manager and yelled out to him. “Are you the manager?!”

    The manager nodded his head.

    Sun Ge thought Ning Meng would begin a lengthy negotiation with the manager or perhaps threaten to call the police.

    Yet, after talking with the manager for a while, Ning Meng nodded her head and hammered her fist into the manager’s face!

    Holy sh*t!

    Seeing their manager being attacked, the security guards quickly came over. Sun Ge, after observing Ning Meng, knew what to do now, and he quickly blocked the guards.

    With the guards being blocked by Sun Ge, Ning Meng saw an opening and dashed straight into the club and into the private suite. When she entered the room, she saw several men were having meals inside.

    They quickly stood up and stopped her. “Stop! Who let you in?!”

    Scanning the room briefly, Ning Meng did not see Li Shiyao. In an instant, she felt even more upset with the situation.

    In sheer seconds later, the security guards outside and the men that were inside the room quickly surrounded her.

    Just as things were about to get really ugly, a black silhouette bolted into the room and kicked a few men, sending them flying to the walls. It all happened in a flash, and all Ning Meng knew was that a few men that had been surrounding her had suddenly disappeared.

    Then, she saw a tall man standing in front of her, shielding her with his body. He was wearing a black jacket, black trousers, and black leather boots.

    Before Ning Meng was able to ask who he was, the “man in black” asked in a monotonous tone, “Missus, let’s kill’em?”


    ‘Well, I’ll be! This must be the fabled Mr. Fei Bai!’

    Nonetheless, this was not the time for a chat, so Ning Meng quickly ordered, “Hold them off for me!”


    Fei Bai’s response was short and decisive. Having him by her side, Ning Meng instantly felt a lot safer than before.

    When Ning Meng entered the private suite earlier, she had already seen that there was another room inside. With Fei Bai holding off the oncoming enemies, she was able to dash straight to it.

    As she turned the doorknob, Ning Meng seemed to recall something and turned toward Fei Bai to remind him. “Keep them alive.”

    “… affirmative.”

    Fei Bai sounded disappointed.


    So he was indeed going to kill those men!? Thank God she remembered to ask him to pull back his punches.

    Pushing the door open, Ning Meng saw Li Shiyao standing at a corner of the room. Her clothes were still on and she seemed unharmed.

    ‘Thank goodness!’

    Li Shiyao looked at Ning Meng anxiously and yelped, “Ms. Ning!”

    Ning Meng nodded. “Come here.”

    Hearing this, Li Shiyao hurried to her side.

    Li Dao was so frustrated. No way, he was this close to bed this little beauty, how could this happen!?

    Li Dao darted toward Li Shiyao with his huge obese body, wanting to grab her. Ning Meng quickly stepped forward and kicked him without hesitation, and…

    Ning Meng was pushed backward by this sleazy man’s huge tummy and fell straight to the floor. She could feel her feet aching from kicking this b*stard!


    Then, she saw Li Dao, unharmed from the kick earlier, walking straight toward Li Shiyao. Ning Meng hurried forward to grab his arms and pulled the man backward. Still, Li Dao was quite huge in size and was too heavy for Ning Meng to do a chokehold.

    Ning Meng ordered Li Shiyao loudly. “Quick! The d*ck! Kick the d*ck!”

    Li Shiyao’s face was red from all the panic and anxiety, and she looked around in a panic, “Dick? Who’s Dick? I don’t see anyone else in the room!”