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Chapter 226 - Mr Fei Bai Is a “Do-Gooder”?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 226: Mr Fei Bai Is a “Do-Gooder”?

    Ning Meng quickly explained. “That… that ‘little boy’ down there! Just kick it!”

    Hearing this, Li Shiyao got even more panicked. “Little boy!? But… but we should not hurt a child… and there’s no child in the room!”


    Ning Meng let out a snigger upon seeing her like this. This girl… could she be this adorable!!

    Yet, due to her sniggering, Ning Meng’s grip on Li Dao had gotten loose, and the fat sleazy man stood up, wanting to retaliate. And it was then…

    Fei Bai dashed into the room like a bolt of lightning, unleashing a powerful kick onto Li Dao’s massive tummy!

    Recalling what had happened earlier, Ning Meng wanted to warn him that this would not work on the obese man, however, before she could say anything, Ning Meng saw the kick send Li Dao flying straight to the wall!


    Ning Meng took a glance at Fei Bai’s long and muscular legs and then stared at her own fair lean legs before gulping down her saliva.

    ‘Geez, proper military training does make that much of a difference, huh?’

    After performing a flying kick onto Li Dao, Fei Bai did a backflip in the air and landed on the ground with a superhero landing. He raised his head slowly and glared at Li Dao with his cold eyes.

    Fei Bai was always calm and collected, he was a cold-hearted killer.

    His face was masculine in shape, like a Greek God, with a military haircut donning his head.

    He opened his mouth coldly. “Missus, let’s k…”

    “Fei… Fei Bai?!”

    Fei Bai raised his head in frustration at the person who had interrupted his words and saw a pair of beautiful, frightened brown eyes.


    Fei Bai was surprised to see the girl in the room, and in an instant, he changed his tone. “…let’s call an ambulance for this poor gentleman?”


    Ning Meng stared at Fei Bai in confusion. This man… the very same person who wanted to go on a killing rampage outside, was suggesting to bring Li Dao, the person who had orchestrated the whole thing, to the hospital?

    The corner of her mouth twitched as she looked at Fei Bai speechlessly. Meanwhile, Li Shiyao, who had hidden behind Ning Meng during all this chaos, poked her head out from behind Ning Meng’s shoulder and yelped, “Fei Bai! It is you!”

    Fei Bai stood up straight and revealed his 188cm height. The man was indeed quite tall, and yet, he did not look too brawny. From afar, he looked like a young toned teenager. His usually cold eyes were now gone, and all that was left were a pair of surprised, emotionless eyes. “…yes.”

    Li Shiyao took a long look at him before looking at Li Dao, and she asked in a stuttering voice, “You… are you going to kill him?”

    Fei Bai finally pulled himself together and replied calmly. “Of course not.”

    Many years ago, he had scared off the girl. Now, if she knew he was a cold-blooded killer, this would probably scar her for life.

    Thus, he anxiously tried to come up with an excuse. “I’m… I’m a proper mai…”

    Fei Bai was stuck, having trouble finding the right word to describe himself. He knew women in China would say that they were “proper maiden” when describing themselves as lawful proper citizens. However, he was a man, and so, he could not say that he was a “maiden”.

    Seeing him stuck with words, Ning Meng opened her mouth and weakly suggested, “Do you mean… a do-gooder?”


    An awkward silence befell in the room. 5 seconds later, Fei Bai responded, “Ye… yes. That’s right. I’m a do-gooder.”

    Ning Meng took a long look at the man before her. Was this the Fei Bai that she knew?

    Li Shiyao also took her time to observe the man. He was wearing a full set of black leather and had been fighting earlier too. He did not look like a do-gooder at all.

    Li Dao, who was being ignored by them, held his stomach as he stood up. He felt as though all his internal organs had been rearranged from that powerful kick earlier.

    Li Dao yelled out in anger, “How dare you hit me! Don’t you still want that role?!”