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Chapter 227 - Zombies Will Tear Open Your Head

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 227: Zombies Will Tear Open Your Head

    Hearing this, Ning Meng raised an eyebrow at this sleazy director.

    To be honest, if she wanted to threaten this man, Ning Meng had a few tricks up her sleeves. However, this man was a film director. This meant that if Li Shiyao were to take the role, she would still be harassed by this man.

    Ning Meng made up her mind. She would never allow something like this to ever happen to Li Shiyao again!

    Thus, without any hesitation, Ning Meng said, “Li Shiyao is not going to act in this film anymore.”

    Li Dao could not believe his ears. “What?”

    Ning Meng threw a glare at the man and opened her mouth. “From today onward, every film and TV drama that is directed by Li Dao… Lemon Entertainment will not invest a cent in them! Not just that, all our artists and actors will not work with you ever again!”

    Li Dao smirked. “Hey, kid. Watch your tongue. Don’t you know how important I am in the industry? You’d better go home and ask your dad first before talking to me like this.”

    Ning Meng tilted her head and said, “I don’t know how important are you in the industry, but I would like to warn you to not play a game.”

    “…what game?”

    “Plants vs Zombies, of course! If you lose, that little secret of yours will be revealed. The zombies will tear open your head and reveal your brain. However, the zombies won’t eat it. In fact, they will all vomit when they see your brain. Well, aside from the dung beetles. Those beetles would love to have a bite at your brain.”

    “Pfft!” Li Shiyao could not help but let out a snigger. Fei Bai looked at Li Shiyao, who held a hand on her mouth, trying not to be loud with her laughter.

    Even though he could guess what Ning Meng’s words meant, Fei Bai asked, “What did she mean?”

    Li Shiyao paused for a few seconds before whispering in his ear, “Ms. Ning meant his brain is full of sh… full of…”

    Li Shiyao was not used to using vulgar words in her vocabulary, and she found herself unable to finish the last word.

    Lucky for her, Fei Bai nodded his head before she finished her sentence. Seeing that he understood what she said, Li Shiyao let out a sigh of relief.

    Li Dao, of course, knew what Ning Meng meant. Immediately, he started to curse at her loudly.

    Ignoring the fat sleazy director, Ning Meng grabbed Li Shiyao’s hand and walked out the door.

    Before following the two women out of the room, Fei Bai stopped and grabbed a glass bottle on a table, throwing it toward the wall.


    The bottle dropped on the floor in between Li Dao’s legs before breaking into pieces. Li Dao was scared sh*tless when he saw this. He quickly covered his private part and raised his head to look at Fei Bai. It was then, he saw Fei Bai’s cold and murderous eyes.

    Seeing this, Li Dao could feel a chill run down his spine, and he was unable to move a muscle.

    If he could, Fei Bai really wanted to castrate this man. However, if he did so, it would create a huge ruckus, and not only that, Li Shiyao could also find out about it.

    Thus, Fei Bai decided to just send him a message.

    When he walked out of the private suite, Fei Bai saw Ning Meng and Li Shiyao standing outside, astonished by what they were seeing—Li Dao’s henchmen were all lying on the ground, moaning and wailing in agony.

    Li Shiyao looked at Fei Bai and asked, “Was… was this your doing?”


    As Fei Bai was trying to come up with a good excuse, he saw Ning Meng’s four bodyguards rushing toward them. He quickly pointed a finger at one of them and said, “It was Step Hen. He did it.”


    The bodyguards looked at him in confusion.

    Li Shiyao, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief after hearing this.

    Ning Meng lightly patted her hand and said to her gently, “Let’s leave this place, shall we?”

    Nodding her head, Li Shiyao walked out with Ning Meng, her hands still firmly grabbing onto Ning Meng’s arm. She dared not look at Fei Bai at all, as though he was a ferocious beast.

    One of the bodyguards opened his mouth. “Boss… my name is ‘Stephen’, not ‘Step Hen’. Can you please not misread my name like this again?!”

    Fei Bai nodded his head. “Okay, Step Hen. I’ll make sure to get it right next time.”



    After getting into Ning Meng’s car, Li Shiyao was finally at ease. Starting up the car, Ning Meng decided to drive her home.

    On the road, Li Shiyao finally could not hold it in anymore and asked, “Ms. Ning, is Fei Bai your bodyguard?”

    Ning Meng replied with a smile. “Why? Are you afraid of him?”

    After a few moments of hesitation, Li Shiyao inched closer to Ning Meng’s ears and said, “Ms. Ning, he has mur…”

    Before she was able to finish the three words—”murdered someone before”, Li Shiyao hesitated once again.

    If she told Ning Meng this, would Fei Bai lose his job?