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Chapter 229 - The Un-derstanding Lord Chen

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 229: The Un-derstanding Lord Chen

    After reading their chats in the WeChat Group, Huo Beichen could not help but think that his three best men had really low emotional intelligence.

    Fei Bai always talked about nothing but killing people. Qi Shan, although he was a good assistant and computer wizard, was quite dense when it came to reading others’ moods. And… fine, Su Ye was the most “normal” person in the group if you disregarded his small eyes.

    Just what kind of three stooges had he employed under his wing??

    As he was lamenting on his own poor taste in employing his right-hand-men, Huo Beichen’s phone rang. It was a video call from Ning Meng.

    After giving himself three seconds to calm down, Huo Beichen picked up the call.

    Then, he saw the girl that he was yearning to meet tonight. It seemed that she had just arrived at home, and was in her bedroom. She was taking off her cap and sweater, revealing the camisole underneath…

    It didn’t stop there, he then saw Ning Meng crossing her arms around her waist, preparing to take off that layer of clothing as well…!!

    Huo Beichen’s adam’s apple bobbed as he continued staring at his phone.

    It was then that Ning Meng seemed to have glanced at her phone, and her hands’ movements stopped in their tracks. After freezing for a full 2 seconds, she yelped. “Aargh!!”


    The night was getting late.

    Hence, Ning Meng had wanted to change into her pajamas. After dialing Huo Beichen’s number, she saw that no one was receiving the call, so she put it on the sofa in her bedroom and turned away to get changed into her pajamas. When she turned back to her phone, she saw that she had accidentally pressed “video call” when putting it on the sofa.

    She felt as though her entire body was frozen for an eternity before she instinctively threw the sweater that she had just taken off onto the phone, obstructing Huo Beichen’s view. Then, she hurriedly changed into her pajamas.

    “What are you doing? Seducing me?”

    The man’s deep voice was muffled through her sweater.

    Seduce you!? Hell no!

    After she had finally finished changing into her pajamas, Ning Meng grabbed her phone and switched off the camera, yelling out shyly, “No… No! I pressed the wrong button just now, that’s all!”

    Knowing that if he kept on teasing her like this, she might hang up immediately, and so, Huo Beichen did his best to suppress his urge to make fun of her and changed the topic. “My Stir-fried Beef. I even warmed it several times for you… now the meat’s texture is all ruined…”

    He sounded hurt.

    Seeing him like this, Ning Meng could not help but feel sorry for him. Instantly, her fierce tone softened down.

    “I… I’m sorry, okay? It’s just that there were so many exciting things that happened tonight, I completely forgot about it.”

    “… heh.”

    What an excuse.

    After hearing the “Heh” from her husband, Ning Meng immediately started to comfort him. “But I feel so~ much regret after having missed the perfect dinner that was prepared by my majestic Lord Chen. Aww… it feels as though I’ve missed a chance to earn a million dollars!”

    Wanting her to comfort him some more, Huo Beichen held in his snigger. “Well, you don’t sound regretful at all.”

    Knowing just how difficult it was to console this man, Ning Meng held the phone to her mouth. “Oh, of course I feel so much regret right now~ That was the Stif-fried meat from Lord Chen. It was the Meat of Souls! It must be the best meat on the planet! Not being able to taste it is the biggest loss in my life! But our great Lord Chen is the most handsome and understanding oppa[1] in the whole universe! I’m sure you would understand and forgive me, right?”

    After a series of colorful brown-nosing, she could hear a snigger before a deep voice rang in her ear.

    “Of course, I would totally understand. In fact, I would not only understand you, but I would also undress you[2].”


    Geez! Couldn’t he just let this go?!

    Ning Meng could feel her face burning red from all the embarrassment.

    Covering her face with a hand, Ning Meng could not retort at all.

    Just as she was about to hang up this Call of Shame, she remembered the reason she had made the call.

    Thus, she pulled herself together and asked him, “Why did you change your villa’s password to 1102?”

    [1] Just in case you’re not a K-drama fan, oppa (generally meaning “big brother”) is also commonly used to address an older male in a flirtatious way.

    [2] In the raws, this was a pun from Lord Icicle: 善解人意 (understanding) vs 善解人衣 (undress someone).