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Chapter 230 - Her Birthday

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 230: Her Birthday

    Hearing this, a short silence fell between them before Huo Beichen asked, “Why?”

    Ning Meng held her breath, eager to know the answer.

    Huo Beichen’s voice was deep and conflicted as he gave her the answer. “That’s your birthday. November 2nd.”

    Ning Meng’s heart raced fiercely as she blurted out, “But…how did you know…”

    Then, before she could finish her words, Ning Meng recalled something and dashed to the living room.

    She hurried to her handbag that she had hung near the front door and took out her purse to check her identity card. And there it was, her birthday was printed there as clear as day—November 2nd.


    So, it was all in her head after all—she and “Original Ning Meng” shared the same birthday.

    Yeah, when she thought about it now, Huo Beichen couldn’t possibly know her birthday in the “real world”.

    Huo Beichen’s voice, seemingly eager to continue the conversation, asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Ning Meng forced up a smile and spoke into the phone, “No. Nothing.”

    “Your birthday. It’s coming.”

    Ning Meng was surprised after hearing this from him.

    Oh, yeah! Her birthday was coming up really soon.

    In the “real world”, she had not made many friends, and so, after leaving the orphanage, Ning Meng usually just celebrated her birthday by slurping a bowl of noodles that she had made for herself.


    Now, she had friends. She was not alone anymore.

    Having thought about this, Ning Meng opened her mouth. “You’d better prepare a really good present for me.”

    “Sure. You can count on me.”

    His voice was deep and enticing, and Ning Meng could feel her ears getting tickled just by listening to it.

    After entering her study, Ning Meng switched on her laptop and put her phone aside. “I’d better get back to work now.”

    “But you haven’t had dinner yet.”

    “It’s alright. Dinner can wait.”

    Then, she clicked open a blank notepad and started typing: [The Unforgettable First Crush]

    Ning Meng was a comic artist, hence, she was quite used to writing scripts. In other words, if she put in the effort, Ning Meng could easily recreate the script of “The Unforgettable First Crush” from scratch.

    “The Unforgettable First Crush” had been a huge TV drama in the “real world”, proving that it could handle the tough and picky market. It would surely do well in this world as well.

    After pondering for some time, Ning Meng started to pen down the plot. The girl had a habit of forgetting and ignoring her surroundings when she immersed herself in her work, and consequently, this was the reason she had forgotten to hang up the call.

    Huo Beichen sat quietly at the dining table in his villa, listening to the noise of the keyboard tapping coming through the phone and her soft mumbling voice. Somehow, this brought him immense satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Unwilling to hang up the phone, Huo Beichen switched on the loudspeaker and sat quietly next to it. By doing this, it felt as though he was by her side.

    The moon had risen in the sky as midnight arrived.

    Huo Beichen closed his eyes as he felt his heart brim with warmth.

    He was now finally with her again.

    He could celebrate her birthday with her, fulfilling every wish she had.

    However, Huo Beichen was well aware that the girl, who had forgotten everything about him, was quite wary of him and did not have any deep feelings for him just yet.

    If he pursued her too fiercely, she might run away.

    As these thoughts were running through his mind, Huo Beichen brought down his laptop and started to browse the internet: [The present for my girlfriend…]


    When Ning Meng came to, it was already 11:30 am.

    Looking at her half-way done script, Ning Meng felt very proud of herself! If she kept on with this speed, she could finish everything in another 3 more days.

    Then, she opened the WeChat Client on her laptop and switched to the “My Boss Is So Dashing Today” Group and sent a message: [My birthday is coming soon!]

    In mere seconds, replies came in.

    Zhen Shanmei: [Just say it. What do you want for your birthday present?]

    Qi Shan: [What she said.]

    Su Ye: [What she said +1]

    Fei Bai: [What she said +1]

    Ning Meng typed out her reply while reading it out loud: [Well, there’s no need for a birthday present. We’re all old pals, aren’t we? But~ you know, a fortune-teller told me that I lack gold in my life. So, yeah~]