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Chapter 231 - Open The Door

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 231: Open The Door

    After sending her message, Ning Meng could hear a snigger coming out from her phone.


    Inspecting her phone further, she realized that she had not hung up that call with Huo Beichen yet!

    Ning Meng was stunned as she was hit by this realization. All she could think right now was had she ever made any weird sounds or noises during those long hours? Did she fart? She did not fart, did she?! Was her stomach growling? Did he hear her gulping down water from her water bottle? Or perhaps, did he hear her rock her chair back and forth as she tried to straighten up the script’s plot?

    … Nooooo!

    Her perfect and heavenly image of a goddess was ruined!!!

    Holding her head in her hands, Ning Meng yelled right into the phone, “Why did you not hang up?!”

    The man let out another snigger before responding, “I thought you wanted me to listen to you work.”


    Listen to her working? No one was that narcissistic, okay?!

    Ning Meng’s mouth twitched before she probed further. “What’s there to listen to when I work?”

    Huo Beichen’s voice was deep and raw. “Well… there was a lot to listen to, in fact.”

    Ning Meng was stunned again after hearing this.

    No… No way.

    Did he hear her fart?

    Ning Meng asked with a stuttering voice, “You… you heard everything?”

    “Do you want me to tell you everything I heard?”

    “… Out with it! If you don’t, I won’t talk to you anymore!”

    Ning Meng clenched her teeth, feeling as though her honor had been violated.

    Huo Beichen hesitated. “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, I’m sure.”


    Huo Beichen cleared his throat before opening his mouth again. “The one you love is her, isn’t it?”


    “No. The one I love… is you! I know, I was never there with you in the past. I never had meals with you in the past, never accompanied you during your training… I wasn’t there to cheer for you when you were at your lowest point in life. I was never there!”

    “…However …I promise, I’ll be with you from now on. You will always have me in the future. And I only want you with me in my future. I don’t want anyone else!”

    “… you don’t mind? But I do! I love you! My love for you is a hundred times heavier than yours for me…”

    These were… the dialogues that Ning Meng had written in her script earlier.


    When she had penned them down earlier, Ning Meng did not feel any embarrassment at all. Yet now, after hearing him say them out loud, she had gotten so flustered that she wanted to bury herself into her pillow!

    After finishing that last line, Huo Beichen paused before asking, “Should I go on?”

    “Nu… No. You can stop now!”

    “Alright. Then open the door.”


    Sensing Ning Meng’s wariness, Huo Beichen explained further, “I’ve asked the butler to prepare some soup for you. He will be at your place shortly.”

    ‘Oh, I see!’

    Ning Meng took a little jog toward the front door and opened it, and there he was—the butler was indeed waiting outside.

    The fragrance of the warm soup was so endearing that Ning Meng could feel her stomach start to growl again. Therefore, she hurriedly brought in the soup and started to slurp it at her dining table.

    Huo Beichen’s voice sounded from her phone again. “Are you sure you just want red envelopes for your birthday?”


    He had even heard the sentence that she had sent to her gang’s WeChat Group?!

    Ning Meng quickly gulped down the soup that was in her mouth and said, “No, don’t you dare gift me a red envelope on my birthday!”

    “I know.”

    The man let out a snigger. “This is my privilege, right?”

    “What privilege?”

    “The privilege of gifting you something unique and special, not just a red envelope. The privilege of your husband.”


    A blush of red instantly crept up her face. This man…!! He was teasing her again!

    After finishing her breakfast, Ning Meng hung up her phone and washed the dishes before heading to the washroom upstairs.

    As she was sitting on the toilet seat, Ning Meng recalled something important! She stood up and pressed the flush button on the toilet before closing the door and darting into her study that was next door.

    Yeap. She could hear the noise of water flushing in the toilet very clearly from her study.

    Her fair silky face and neck were burning red from embarrassment.

    In those hours, Ning Meng had gone to the washroom twice. Huo Beichen must have heard those noises as well!!