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Chapter 233 - Please Stop With the Dog Food

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 233: Please Stop With the Dog Food

    Ning Meng finally understood why Qi Shan, a genius who had two Master’s Degrees from Yale University, had never had a girlfriend before!

    It served him right to be single this long!

    Ning Meng then said to Zhen Shanmei, “Let’s head in.”

    Seeing the girls coming his way, Qi Shan waved his hand. “Hey, over here! Come on, go right in.”

    However, after hearing this, Ning Meng stopped right in her tracks.

    It had been days since she had last spoken with Huo Beichen the last time, and the last time was…

    Ning Meng planted her legs firmly onto the ground, refusing to move an inch. “Ah, look at the door~! Oh God, I’ve been here so many times, and yet, I didn’t realize just how good it looks!”


    Zhen Shanmei and Qi Shan looked at one another as their mouths twitched.

    After about a minute, a great black Cadillac arrived, and after the valet opened the car door, Huo Beichen stepped down and revealed him in a full-suit tuxedo.

    His black obsidian eyes were so charming that it felt as though they had ensnared an entire universe inside. As he got down from the car, the first thing his eyes locked on to was Ning Meng.

    Ning Meng did not know how the other love birds would react when they saw one another, but when she saw Huo Beichen, she could not help the smile spreading across her face. It felt as though there was a magical magnet planted on him, pulling her toward him. “Lord Chen~!”

    “Hi.” Huo Beichen responded with his deep voice, extending his huge hand to touch her hair. Then, just as his hand was about to make contact with her head, he realized that the girl had done up her hair beautifully. Not daring to mess up the hair that she had probably spent a lot of effort and time on, Huo Beichen lightly tapped his hand on her head and said, “Sorry. There was a meeting that I could not postpone earlier. Come, let’s go in. Can’t keep our dear little birthday girl waiting.”

    Qi Shan stared at his boss in astonishment. He had never seen his boss this gentle ever!

    Ning Meng looked at Huo Beichen endearingly. “It’s okay, I’ve only just arrived as well. Let’s go.”


    Huo Beichen then held her hand and locked their fingers, gazing at her as they walked into the premises.


    Qi Shan and Zhen Shanmei looked at one another as the two lovebirds walked past them.

    Zhen Shanmei asked, “So, just like that? They walked in without us. Mr. Huo did not even greet me either.”

    This time, Qi Shan was at least a little sharper than he usually was when he responded to her, “I suppose Boss was too focused on the Missus and did not see us?”

    Zhen Shanmei let out a burp. “Ugh…! I don’t think I could eat tonight.”


    Qi Shan looked at her inquisitively, to which Zhen Shanmei replied, “I’ve been fed so much dog food 1 earlier! My tummy is so filled with dog food right now! Hmph! What’s with their attitude?! Everyone has been in a relationship before, is there really a need to flaunt their love like that?!”

    Qi Shan stuttered. “Well… I… I’ve never been in a relationship, though…”



    Clinging onto one another, Ning Meng and Huo Beichen walked into the private suite that they had booked. When they walked through the door, they saw that everything inside had been decorated with pink!

    It was a huge private suite that was designed for holding events—there was a big round dining table, a karaoke area, and a huge screen on the wall that they could use to watch television or movies.

    Fei Bai and Su Ye were already waiting for them inside. As soon as they saw their boss and the missus, they both stood up from their seats to greet them.

    Ning Meng scanned the room after seeing these two men before asking, “Where are Qi Shan and Zhen Shanmei? I thought they had come in earlier?”


    Qi Shan and Zhen Shanmei, who were both standing behind them, looked at her speechlessly.

    Suddenly, Ning Meng’s phone vibrated. It was a message from Li Shiyao.

    Ning Meng winked an eye at Fei Bai, “Hey, the Queen of Actresses is here. Fei Bai, go and fetch her in, will you?”

    However, Fei Bai pulled a long face and said, “No, I won’t.”


    Oh, wait, Li Shiyao had not won any film awards yet at this time. Of course Fei Bai did not know who this “Queen of Actresses” was.

    Ning Meng sniggered. “That little queen is Li Shiyao, you dummy.”

    The loud screech of Fei Bai’s chair pulling aside could be heard before he dashed straight out to the entrance.


    Ning Meng stared in the direction of the Mr. Killer speechlessly.


    <h5>Ch 233 Footnote 1</h5>

    In the Chinese internet slang, to “feed a person dog food” means to shove acts of love/affection/PDA between a couple down a single person’s throat.