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Chapter 234 - I Will Protect You

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 234: I Will Protect You

    Outside the door.

    Li Shiyao was clad in a camel-colored trench coat. She was standing there obediently when Ning Meng replied to her text: [Someone’s coming to pick you up.]

    Yet, she never imagined that the person picking her up would turn out to be Fei Bai.

    As she saw the young man clad in black leather walking toward her, Li Shiyao’s pupils abruptly contracted and she subconsciously retreated, taking a step back. However, with his swift speed, he had arrived in front of her.

    “I’m here to pick you up.”

    Li Shiyao was terror-stricken and paused. “Oh.”

    Fei Bai walked in front while Li Shiyao trailed him from behind with her head hung low. She ensured to keep a one-meter distance from him, and after they had entered the big hall, they both went into the elevator. The space within the elevator was small, and Li Shiyao hid in the corner, using her bag to shield herself from the front.

    Fei Bai stood in front, maintaining his distance. He then suddenly took a step back and said, “You…”


    His movement had been so sudden, shocking Li Shiyao to the point that she jumped. As she exclaimed out loud, she used her bag to protect her head and her whole body that was trembling with fear.

    “Don’t you worry, I will not reveal your past!”

    Fei Bai was speechless seeing her in this state.

    Li Shiyao had thought that Fei Bai was about to threaten her. After all, if she had talked about his past to others, he would lose his job, right? She did not expect that as she said this, the elevator had stopped moving.

    When she lifted her head, she saw that Fei Bai was not about to hit her. He looked at her with his clear and chilly eyes that were filled with a hint of astonishment.

    “I… You don’t need to be afraid, I just wanted to ask if you have prepared your present for the Missus?”

    Li Shiyao was stunned. “What?”

    ‘He just wanted to ask about this?’

    She had of course prepared her present—a thick red envelope of money. But her reaction had caused Fei Bai to misunderstand her situation, and he took out a block of something from his pocket, slipping it into a little black bag and handing it to her.

    “Give her this present later.”


    She was stunned. She had never thought that the young man had wanted to talk about this instead. She lowered her head to look on the inside of the little black bag. It roughly had the width of paper money, and the thickness was probably worth about twenty-thousand yuan. Was he afraid that she was not able to fork out enough money and that she would embarrass herself later?

    Li Shiyao came from a well-to-do family, but birthdays are all about the intention. In her current situation, a red envelope of five-thousand yuan would have sufficed. She had never thought that others would easily mind whether the money was in the singles or the thousands, and so, she declined.

    “There’s no need, I…”

    Before she could continue further, the young man held her hand and placed the black bag into her palms. “For you.”

    Li Shiyao wanted to decline, but she did not dare to do so. She was about to burst into tears when she saw the bag in her hands. In the moments of her hesitation, Fei Bai suddenly moved close to her ear.

    “Don’t worry, I’m a good person now. An innocent and decent young man.”

    Li Shiyao was astonished to hear this.

    Fei Bai straightened himself after he had said this, his tall figure displaying his firm and persevering resolve.

    “I will protect you.”

    Li Shiyao was about to cry when she saw him like this.

    ‘I don’t wish for your protection. I just hope that you would distance yourself…’


    The elevator had arrived at its destination. They both walked out and entered the private room.

    Su Tiantian was watching all this from afar, and she stopped in her tracks.

    Li Dao asked, “What’s the matter?”

    Su Tiantian turned back. “Nothing.”

    She held onto Li Dao’s arm. “Let’s go in.”

    Su Tiantian followed Li Dao into a private room and saw the film contract. She was about to put her signature on it when Li Dao withdrew the contract as he chuckled.

    “Tiantian, this role does not suit you. Don’t you think we need to check the goods first?”