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Chapter 235 - Just Get Used to I

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 235: Just Get Used to It

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    Su Tiantian was frozen stiff as she looked at Li Dao in disbelief. Now, although Ning Wentao had never given her any good resources ever since she had entered the entertainment world, she had never encountered anything like this before due to his good reputation. As her ranks rose and she had met Li Yichen, no one had dared to touch her. This was the first time she had had to face this situation after all these years.

    She was careful when she had no money and no status so that she would not get caught in this kind of traps, but now… It was too late for regrets!

    Su Tiantian clenched her fists tightly. “Li Dao, what’s the meaning of this?”

    Li Dao rubbed her hands. “I heard that you have broken up with Mr. Li. You’re single now, anyway. You have the right to pursue your love life, right?”

    Su Tiantian tried hard to suppress the disgust in her heart. She was nauseated by just looking at Li Dao’s unbearable dirty eyes. She was about to reject the offer when Li Dao spoke up again.

    “This drama is an urban drama. It is expected to win the best actress at the Hundred Flowers Award. Actually, quite a few people have been negotiating with me, but I left this role for you considering your current status now. Tiantian, are you sure that you don’t want to reconsider?”

    Best actress…

    Su Tiantian paused. Her value and status had dropped drastically. She desperately needed to win the best actress to secure a better footing. This was not the time to feel dejected. Ning Meng was waiting to laugh at her, and then, there was Li Yichen. She wanted Li Yichen to know that she was living a better life ever since he had left her!

    Su Tiantian’s heart hurt when she thought about this. The broken-hearted woman had now had her heart shattered to pieces. She stood up and sat on Li Dao’s lap.

    “Li Dao, I appreciate your hard work.”


    Ning Meng sat in her own private room, not knowing that this loathsome and dirty transaction was just taking place in another private room on the same floor. She was being surrounded by happiness at this time. As it had not struck midnight yet, everyone had decided to have their dinner first. The dishes which had been booked earlier consisted of a wholesome range of different tastes and choices. When the staff brought the food out, she had specially mentioned, “Mr. Huo, there is no ginger in any of these dishes.”

    Huo Beichen nodded. Qi Shan, who was beside him, curiously asked, “Why is there no ginger added?”

    Huo Beichen answered faintly, “Because Meng Meng does not eat them.”

    Meng Meng…

    These words made everyone’s ears tingle.

    Zhen Shanmei shouted, “Qi Shan, can you not ask these kinds of questions? What’s the point of eating dog food before dinner?”

    Qi Shan replied, “…How I wish to return to two minutes before and block my mouth.”

    Su Ye also looked toward Huo Beichen and helplessly said, “Boss, is it really okay to neglect us this way?”

    Huo Beichen poured a glass of fruit juice for his lady and coldly answered Su Ye, “Just get used to it.”

    As Huo Beichen put the fruit juice in front of Ning Meng, his voice turned husky and warm, unlike his earlier cold tone. “Be a good girl. You’re not allowed to drink alcohol tonight.”

    Everyone felt like disappearing from the scene there and then.

    Zhen Shanmei exclaimed, “There are clearly seven people here. Why do the five of us seem to not belong here in the slightest?!”

    Ning Meng drank some fruit juice and laughed. “Don’t worry. When you give me my presents at midnight, I guarantee that all of you will feel a full sense of belonging!”


    Li Shiyao and Fei Bai were the latest to arrive. As they were seated next to each other, Fei Bai helped to take some dishes for Li Shiyao. Li Shiyao was so shocked that her face turned pale.

    After dinner, they played around for a while, and soon, the clock struck midnight.