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Chapter 236 - Missing Gold Out of the Five Elements

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 236: Missing Gold Out of the Five Elements

    At midnight, the whole room turned pitch-black. The staff pushed open the room door and placed a birthday cake with lighted candles onto the table.

    “Happy birthday!”

    As everyone wished her, Ning Meng felt a happiness she had never felt before. She clasped her hands together and closed her eyes. After making her wish, she opened her eyes and blew out the candles. “Share the cake!”

    Ning Meng gave the first piece to Huo Beichen. “Lord Chen, for you!”

    Huo Beichen took the cake and used a spoon to scoop some out, placing it next to Ning Meng’s mouth. Ning Meng subconsciously opened her mouth and ate the sweet creamy cake. It was quite a big piece, so she could not finish the cake in one mouthful. As she was about to finish the cake with her second bite, she was stunned.

    Because Huo Beichen had casually eaten the remaining piece of the cake…

    He ate…


    Ning Meng was shocked to the core.

    The room was dim, and everyone else was busy sharing the cake, thus, no one noticed this detail. When Ning Meng regained her senses, she patted her cheeks. What was there to be so surprised by! It was obvious that she had never experienced anything like this before…

    Zhen Shanmei suddenly shouted. “Ning Meng, what did you just wish for?”

    Ning Meng quickly changed her expression. “My wish was… to receive presents tonight until my hands go numb!”

    She stretched out her hands. “Quick, take your presents out!”

    A few of them took out their phones and soon, Ning Meng received three texts consecutively regarding bank transfers:

    [You have received five million yuan in your bank account ending with 6666. Zhen Shanmei wishes you HB.]

    [You have received five million yuan in your bank account ending with 6666. Su Ye wishes you HB.]

    [You have received five million yuan in your bank account ending with 6666. Qi Shan wishes you BD.]

    ‘HB stands for “happy birthday”, but what the heck is BD??’

    Qi Shan, who was at the side, glanced at Huo Beichen. His eyes were wavering, hoping that Ning Meng did not notice his intention. They were about to throw a surprise so that she would successfully go back to the villa to stay! Then, this would be a truly happy birthday… Hehe.

    As everyone dwelled in their thoughts, Fei Bai pulled out a white leather bag and walked toward Ning Meng to hand it to her. “Happy birthday.”

    Ning Meng laughed. “Boss, you even thought of giving cash?”

    She opened the little white bag and saw… two blocks of glittering gold bars!?

    Qi Shan was shocked. “Fei Bai, why are you giving gold bars?”

    Fei Bai’s face was serious. “Did the missus not say that she was missing gold out of the five elements?”

    Fei Bai mulled over the situation and finally understood that something was not right. His eyes swept through the crowd. “Are you guys not giving her anything?”

    Su Ye adjusted his glasses and laughed. “What she meant by missing gold was that she was lacking money! Who would have thought that you would literally give her gold!”

    Fei Bai was slow to understand, and question marks were filling his head. He then curiously asked, “Do you know the missus’ bank account number?”

    Zhen Shanmei exclaimed, “She shamelessly put her bank account number in her Moments early this morning, it’s not even called hinting! She’s basically telling you exactly what she wants. You did not understand when you saw it?”

    Li Shiyao was rendered speechless as she walked toward Ning Meng, holding onto the black bag that Fei Bai had given her earlier. She suddenly had a bad suspicion. Ning Meng took the bag from her hand and opened it. There were two more gold bars?

    To not embarrass Li Shiyao and Fei Bai any further, Ning Meng put the gold bars back into the bag and looked at Huo Beichen. “Lord Chen, where’s your present?”

    Huo Beichen took out his present and put it into her hands. Ning Meng took a look at it and was slightly stunned.