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Chapter 237 - Lord Chen’s Birthday Presen

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 237: Lord Chen’s Birthday Present

    Huo Beichen’s present was a long and slender gift box made of black thick fabric which made it look quite unnoticeable. When placed in her hands, the stark contrast of the black box against her fair fingers looked quite pleasant.

    “Open it up!”

    Everyone was curious as to what Mr. Huo had given as a present. Ning Meng looked at Huo Beichen and saw that he nodded. This meant that this present could be opened in front of everyone else. She was afraid that he had given her something inappropriate.

    After all, Lord Chen looked like a serious and indifferent person. A nice way to explain his behavior was that he was suppressing his sexual desires. A less pleasant way of saying it was that he lacked the libido to perform… But who knew what was the truth…

    Ning Meng calmed herself down and tried not to overthink. She slowly opened the gift box. At first glance, it looked like a normal diamond necklace that was nothing worth celebrating over, and Zhen Shanmei was a bit disappointed.

    However, Ning Meng was slightly stunned as she looked at the necklace. She took the necklace out in disbelief and held it in her hands to take a closer look. The pendant of the necklace was a puppy made from diamond pieces. It was lifelike with black diamonds as its eyes, as though they were staring at her, and this made Ning Meng’s heart melt.

    ‘Why does this dog look like Xiao Bai the more I look at it?’

    Xiao Bai was a stray puppy that she had taken care of in her original world. When she had graduated from university and spent her time drawing comics at home, she had felt lonely and had reared a white stray puppy. She had named it Xiao Bai, but unfortunately… it had never had the chance to grow up.

    One fine day, a thief had broken into her home. Xiao Bai had woken her up and used its small body to block the perpetrator, but it was kicked to death. After experiencing this traumatic incident, Ning Meng had never reared any pets anymore. But how could Huo Beichen know about the dog that she had taken care of in real life?

    Su Ye, who was at the side, answered her inner question. “Boss, is this Xiao Tiantian when it was younger?”

    ‘Xiao Tiantian?’

    ‘That’s right. It is now a big pet, but it used to be a small puppy too.’

    She lifted her head and looked at Huo Beichen only to notice that he had been staring at her. He did not answer Su Ye’s question. Instead, he gently rubbed Ning Meng’s head.

    “Do you like it?”

    Ning Meng nodded.

    She liked it very much.

    It did not matter if it was Xiao Tiantian or anything else, she had made it out to be Xiao Bai in her heart. It was the only loved one who had accompanied her throughout that life. Ning Meng was brimming with so much delight that her eyes seemed to smile as well. She immediately wore the necklace on her neck and touched it in appreciation.

    It was at this time…

    The lights were turned off!

    Soon, the room door was closed, and the whole room suddenly felt spooky. Ning Meng was shocked and heard Qi Shan yell out, “Ning Meng, Boss, we’ve prepared a birthday surprise for you!”


    Before Ning Meng could regain her composure, the sound of wind blowing was suddenly heard. Soon, a big screen was lit up in the big hollow room, and a bloody hand appeared on the black wall.

    This was…

    Ning Meng exclaimed, “Horror movie?”

    Qi Shan laughed. “That’s right! To remember this special day, let’s watch a movie!”


    She looked around at the setup of the room and only then realized the reason Zhen Shanmei had been stalling her from coming. Was it so that this bunch could prepare this layout?

    A cold wind blew by briskly, and the stereo in the room was loud and clear. It looked like this horror film was not just a 2D film, but a 4D one?

    Ning Meng was sporting. “Sure.”

    The crowd did not notice that the person of most noble importance in the room was frozen stiff.