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Chapter 238 - Any Requests Will Do?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 238: Any Requests Will Do?

    This horror film had been painstakingly prepared by the three stooges led by Su Ye. They had covertly combined their efforts to materialize this 4D setup where even props were readied. A hand would come out of the ground when one least expected it, accompanied by a hand grabbing the protagonist’s leg on the screen. At the same time, a hand would be pulling their legs in real life.

    Ning Meng screamed out in shock and held the hand of the person next to her. What she did not expect was that Huo Beichen’s usually warm hands had grown cold. The light from the screen lit up his pale face. Was it due to the light, or…?

    As she was wondering, Huo Beichen held her hand tightly. His palms were sweating, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

    A moment of realization dawned upon her. She whispered to Huo Beichen, “So, the gallant and fearless Lord Chen is afraid of ghosts?”

    Huo Beichen held his chin high.

    In the past, she would frequently taunt him after she had found out that he was afraid of ghosts. It was not easy to make her forget this. How had he managed to hand this over to her on a silver platter now?!

    Huo Beichen kept his cool and answered, “Nope.”

    Ning Meng refused to believe this and looked at him. “You’re really not afraid?”



    Then Ning Meng continued to watch the screen.


    The movie itself was not particularly scary as the three stooges were afraid that it would be too scary for the three ladies to watch until the end.

    When the movie had ended, it was already two in the morning. The lights were turned on and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The meekest of the lot, Li Shiyao, looked fine. Instead, Zhen Shanmei was pale white and her hair was a mess. Her eyes were wide with terror, showing that she was still in shock.

    Ning Meng comforted her. “Don’t be scared, it’s OK. All of these are fake.”

    Zhen Shanmei was about to burst into tears. “It’s not that, Meng Meng. While I was watching, I kept telling myself that it was fake, everything was not real, so I pinched myself to create some pain for myself and numb the fear. However, I felt no pain at all! It’s so weird!”


    A chill ran up everyone’s spines when they heard this. Right at this strange and scary moment, Qi Shan, who was sitting next to Zhen Shanmei, could not hold it in any longer and blurted out, “Of course you would not feel any pain! You were pinching my legs!”

    Everyone slowly lowered their heads and saw both of Zhen Shanmei’s hands pinching Qi Shan’s thighs. She became nervous and subconsciously pinched him again.

    He endured the pain. “Is it that nice to pinch me?”

    Zhen Shanmei nodded and added a comment. “They’re quite solid hard. I was asking myself why my legs had gone rough.”

    Qi Shan slowly moved his legs away. After moving for a bit, he fell to the ground in pain to breathe. Zhen Shanmei was filled with guilt and inadvertently said, “I’m sorry. Why don’t you make a request? I will fulfill it without any conditions!”

    When she said this, the room fell dead silent.

    Ning Meng was suddenly wondering why this statement felt so provocative?

    Additionally, Zhen Shanmei had been pinching Qi Shan’s thighs for a whole two hours. This posture was already ambiguous, had they both opened up to their feelings for each other?

    They did look quite good together…

    While she was overthinking, Qi shan responded. “Any requests will do?”

    Zhen Shanmei nodded. “Yes!”

    The rigid and straight-laced man then stated. “Then pay me some money!”

    The similarly rigid and straight-laced woman did not feel anything amiss with this request and took out her phone. “Sure, is two hundred thousand enough?”