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Chapter 567 - So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 2)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 567: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 2)

    Actually the previous host’s story was half lies and half herself.

    This was the summary that Luo Qing Chen came up with!

    The previous host was very cold and Ji Hao Chen could only enter her eyes because of when she went on a foreign exchange trip.

    At that time, the previous host was entering high school and the first place on the high school exam was the foreign exchange student, Ji Hao Chen.

    Ji Hao Chen was also walking the path of sports, so they never really talked.

    Until one day when there was a competition between foreign schools. The previous host didn’t want to win for the Noble School, so when she gave a very characteristic answer for her.

    She put true for all true or false questions and put down an alternating ABCD pattern for the multiple choice questions.

    The previous host never thought that this matter would be discovered until Ji Hao Chen found her with her test paper on a certain sunny afternoon.

    He confidently looked at her as he told her the secret of her test paper.

    Perhaps the sun was too dazzling, causing the previous host to make a mistake and think that Ji Hao Chen was dazzling.

    Then there was no turning back…...

    The previous host could return home after three months, but Ji Hao Chen wanted her to stay and wanted to be together with the previous host.

    In the end, the previous host agreed.

    Whether it was in the country or in another country, cold people never had any friends.

    In the beginning, Ji Hao Chen would go to school with the previous host, buying breakfast for her and then going to the library together.

    But over time, with more and more friends around him, Ji Hao Chen didn’t want to stay with the previous host anymore.

    When the supporting female lead Xiang Tian Qing appeared, Ji Hao Chen planned to completely abandon the previous host.

    With the high intelligence of the previous host, naturally she knew about Ji Hao Chen and Xiang Tian Qing playing around, but love was love.

    When one loved a person, anything was possible.

    The previous host spent three years abroad for Ji Hao Chen and didn’t return until she graduated.

    Of the three, Ji Hao Chen and Xiang Tian Qing became recognized as a couple.

    Whenever they argued, Ji Hao Chen came to find the previous host.

    The previous host had liked Ji Hao Chen very much, so whenever she wanted to give up, she couldn’t bear to let Ji Hao Chen feel pain.

    People with high IQ had low EQ.

    Perhaps this was true. Three years later, the three of them returned to the country and went to the same university.

    One night, the three of them were having dinner at a stall. Xiang Tian Qing was taking it out on the previous host since she didn’t do well on an exam, saying that she was a light bulb, a third wheel.

    Ji Hao Chen saw that Xiang Tian Qing was hurt and always blamed the previous host for appearing in their lives, so he had the previous host scram.

    The previous host could enture it, but the previous host’s little brother Luo Qian Zhe at another table for a graduation party couldn’t take it.

    A beer bottle came down and Ji Hao Chen’s head was covered in blood.

    In Luo Qian Zhe’s world, no one could bully his big sister, no one.

    Who would have thought that Ji Hao Chen would take a fruit knife from his pocket? While they were fighting, he stabbed Luo Qian Zhe several times.

    In the end, the male lead died and the supporting male lead was only in jail for three years.

    He lived a happy life with Xiang Tian Qing after he was released in three years!

    However, as for the previous host——

    She finally woke up at her little brother’s funeral and felt she let him down.

    The night after the funeral, she cut her wrists and committed suicide!

    When she was dying, the previous host thought that if she could redo life, she wouldn’t fall in love with Ji Hao Chen no matter what.

    Whether her little brother liked her or not, she wanted him to live a good life and not die for her.

    These thoughts gave birth and the host Luo Qing Chen appeared.