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Chapter 568 - So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 3)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 568: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 3)

    Time went back three years and it was that sunny afternoon again. Ji Hao Chen was holding her test paper and standing with his back to the light, with a bright look on his face.

    Ji Han Chen was considered not bad with a handsome face and bright eyes that were filled with light.

    The British style uniform with his curled lips, it was a beautiful image that had a foreign style.

    “Luo Qing Chen.” Ji Hao Chen called her name and said while waving his hand, “I know your secret.”

    Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and only had one feeling: It’s hot!

    She knit her brows and ignored Ji Hao Chen, heading to the ice cream shop beside her.

    Ji Hao Chen felt a bit awkward. This girl had been number one back in middle school and he wanted to get to know her since they were in a foreign country, but the other side was very cold, not even giving him a few words.

    “Strawberry smoothie, thank you!” She pointed at the menu and spoke in fluent english.

    “Ok!” The waitress said in a sweet voice.

    Because of the previous host’s intelligence, the system had also given the host the same intelligence for free.

    After all, it didn’t want the host to become last place after going back.

    Ji Hao Chen came in and the wind chime at the door jingled, as the fresh scent of jasmine came in.

    “Classmate Luo, do you want to know what I’ve found?” Ji Hao Chen sat down next to her with a depressed look!

    Luo Qing Chen would never know how excited he was when he found the secret of her test paper.

    He felt that it was something that only his intelligent brain could discover.

    “Un humph?” She looked over and said, “Speak if you have something to say.”

    Her tone was cold and her voice was very strong.Updates by L

    “Your multiple choice answers, it’s all either true or in order of ABCD, right?” Ji Hao Chen was very excited as his eyes lit up.

    He felt that this was something he could be very proud of, but he never thought——

    “Un.” She softly replied before taking the strawberry smoothie.

    Ji Hao Chen was stunned, feeling a flustered feeling that he had never felt before.

    “You don’t think that I care about you a lot?” He scratched his head as he looked at her with a bright smile.

    “Un humph?” She gave a soft laugh before walking around him, “Then you’re very great!”

    As soon as her voice fell, she walked out the door. She didn’t stop at all, as she left a stunned Ji Hao Chen.

    The cold genius really deserved her fame, but he didn’t know why he wanted to approach her more the more it was like this.

    People, they always wanted the things they couldn’t have.

    The sun was bright and it shined down on her, giving her a sensation that she was a human barbecue.

    She really couldn’t take this foreign weather anymore, this three month foreign exchange period was almost over!

    Thinking of this, she called home without another word.

    As the daughter of the biggest tycoon in S City, she could end this foreign exchange trip whenever she wanted.

    Back at school, she submitted the form and went to the dorm to pack up!

    After booking the flight ticket, she decided to go home tomorrow.

    Since her dear ‘little brother’ was back in the country, it wasn’t good for her to stay here.

    In another world, the previous host stayed in this country for three years before going back.

    Then since the story was starting again, let’s have a big change.

    After all, she didn’t feel like she needed to stay here.

    But what she never thought was that if she could leave the foreign exchange program, Ji Hao Chen could do the same.

    The principal wanted to ask why, but he never thought that Ji Hao Chen would say that he would go back with Luo Qing Chen without another word!