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Chapter 871 - Watch How I Deal with You Later

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 871:

    Watch How I Deal with You Later

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    Feeling angry and amused, Si Yiyan scurried out of the house and was greeted with the sight of his beloved Wen Xinya sitting on the ground and counting ants. She had initially already counted to ten. However, she started all over again and counted until eight and finally fifteen. She was just being childish!

    No one would have thought that the beautiful and graceful Wen Xinya who was usually calm and rational would behave in such an outrageous manner when she was drunk. She was the most prestigious heiress in the city and the person whom everyone deemed as a queen.

    She still could not get it right even after a long time. Wen Xinya got up from the ground on an unsteady gait and began stepping on the ants. “Ants are nothing but trouble. I’ll step on you to kill you… Die…”

    Si Yiyan stepped forward helplessly and picked her up in his arms, saving the innocent ants.

    Wen Xinya giggled and grinned at Si Yiyan foolishly. “Si Yiyan… that’s so strange… what brings you here? I’m not at the Wen Family home… Am I not at the Mo Family home? Is this a hallucination…”

    Wen Xinya began moving her hands up and down Si Yiyan’s body.

    Si Yiyan trembled and gazed at her. “You’re not being obedient. Watch how I deal with you later.”

    She was previously just promising him solemnly that she would never get drunk again. Yet… she ended up breaking her promise after just a few days, causing his words to fall on deaf ears.

    Si Yiyan carried her upstairs and placed her on the couch in the study room. “Move your arm away. I’ll go fill the bathtub with water.”

    Wen Xinya draped her arms around his neck, refusing to let go of him. “Si Yiyan, I still want hugs and kisses.”

    As soon as she finished speaking, she tightened her grip around his neck and puckered up before kissing Si Yiyan.

    Under normal circumstances, Si Yiyan would definitely be pleasantly surprised. However… as a normal man who was also a clean freak, he truly did not want to kiss a drunkard. “Be good! Don’t cause a scene. We can kiss after you take a shower.”

    Wen Xinya threw a tantrum, refusing to give in to him at all. “Don’t, don’t do that… I just want to kiss you, I want to kiss you now… Zhou Tianyu kissed Gu Junling too. I want a kiss…”

    She even tried to force a kiss onto Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan rubbed his temples and suddenly thought about an important issue. “You want to kiss, huh?”

    “Yes!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, nodding obediently with tears in her eyes. She felt extremely aggrieved because Si Yiyan did not want to kiss her.

    Si Yiyan coaxed softly. “Tell me, then. Did you hug or kiss other people?”

    Si Yiyan tried his best to suppress his jealousy. However, the thought of Wen Xinya acting sultrily after drinking made him grit his teeth in anger. He decided that he had to strictly forbid her from drinking. Not only was it harmful to her health, but he would also be at a disadvantage if she were to kiss and hug the wrong man.

    Wen Xinya’s eyes glistened, and they were shockingly clear and pure. She shook her head and said, “No… they’re not Si Yiyan. I don’t want to kiss or hug them. Kiss me…”

    Si Yiyan felt like his life was complete. He pinned her down beneath him tyrannically and said, “What a good girl. You must remember… all of you belongs to me, and I’m the only person who can hug you, kiss you, touch you, love you… and get intimate with you.”

    Before Wen Xinya could even react, Si Yiyan planted a kiss on her lips, making her feel like her soul was flying. A noble poet once said that a kiss was the dance between two souls.

    Her lips were sweet and fragrant because of the wine residue, making it much more alluring than usual. Si Yiyan finally understood what it meant to get drunk off a person and be hopelessly enchanted by them.

    Wen Xinya continued to grope him subconsciously, though she seemed to be seducing him and getting him aroused. Si Yiyan’s Adam’s apple moved and he asked, “Do you like this kiss?”

    Wen Xinya’s lips were a little red and swollen because of his kiss. He looked exceptionally charming under the dim, yellow light of the bedroom. “I do…” she answered.

    Si Yiyan smiled and teased. “In that case… do you want to try something else?”

    Wen Xinya cocked her head sideways and gave it some thought before answering with a nod, “Yes! I want to try something fun.”