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Chapter 221 - Who Would Dare Bully Her People!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 221: Who Would Dare Bully Her People!

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    “Such arrogance. Making everyone wait for him.”

    Just when Coco sat down, a woman was upset and complained.

    Jian Qi who was sitting at the side, looked over at the woman who was talking and a trace of coldness flashed across her eyes.

    Heh, who would dare bully her people?!

    The other two people at the side agreed with her, “I know, right. Who does he think he is?”

    “Maybe he learned these old habits from the previous company and brought all his dirty old habits here!”

    Coco did not say anything.

    “Since everyone is here, let’s start!”

    Tang Yiyi stopped them from talking, which was also a warning to them all.

    She knew that all these dirty tricks existed in every company, be it behind the scenes or out in the open. But she did not like it.

    If they were to do it in front of her, she would be furious about it. They would immediately stop when Tang Yiyi started scolding everyone.

    It was the same this time. Once Tang Yiyi spoke, everyone in the meeting room went silent.

    This meeting was held to discuss a few good resources that everyone would like to strive for their artist.

    Qiao Bo was not their only artist. Especially when Tang Group was such a big company, they had many artists on deck. Hence, everyone was hoping to earn some good resources.

    That was why this meeting was called for.

    Since it was a discussion, the meeting would be noisy.

    Tang Yiyi had already talked to Coco regarding the New Year comedy. He took into consideration other resources and advised Qiao Bo not to accept it. Instead, Coco would like to take on a perfume advertisement job.

    The perfume was a globally leading brand. Those ambassadors for this perfume were mostly internationally renowned artists. Hence, this would help Qiao Bo earn his fame internationally.

    However, there were a few other artists’ managers who were also looking at this resource.

    There were some arguments that ensued due to that. Jian Qi felt like her ears were not functioning anymore.

    But she also noticed that the other managers were boycotting Coco.

    Tang Yiyi looked at them arguing, she took a deep breath and left the room.

    She would only come back after they had stopped arguing.

    The argument only got worse after Tang Yiyi left the room!

    They were still slightly under control before she left but now they were all criticising Coco instead.

    Jian Qi understood why. These people were jealous that Coco was managing Qiao Bo even though he was new to the company.

    Whatever good resources that the company had would go to Qiao Bo first.

    It had been like this for a while now, but the last manager was someone very experienced. Even though Coco had been in this industry for quite some time, his only succeeding artist was Jian Qi and there were no other prominent results.

    This was why everyone was not happy with him.

    Ever since Coco came here, he had been excluded by everyone else.

    Actually things had been the same even at Starshooter Entertainment.

    At least here, everyone would more or less put Tang Yiyi and Qiao Bo into consideration. Hence, they could not be too harsh toward him.

    However, when there was conflict, everyone would put their personal gain first and become more offensive than usual!

    Just like the people who were in the room right at this moment!

    A few of them had been spewing insults at Coco. The whole situation was out of control.

    Jian Qi smirked faintly. Behind those sunglasses, her eyes were shining as if they were thirsty for blood.

    She would remember those that were harsh and offensive toward Coco!