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Chapter 206 - Time For A Change

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 206: Time For A Change

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xiao Luo returned home and turned on his computer. He couldn’t help but shake his head when he realized his internet firewall was being hacked. It was that hacker “BaiLing” again. For the past few weeks, this BaiLing had been persistent, relentlessly trying to crack his firewall and obtain information from his computer.

    He typed a message right way, “You really want to break into my computer that badly?”


    In the women’s dorm of Huaye University, Bai Ling replied with pure determination.

    She then thought for a moment and sent another message, “Mie, I want to know you!”

    Xiao Luo smiled softly and typed to reply, “We already know each other, don’t we?”

    “No, I meant in real life.”

    “Let’s wait till you crack my firewall.”

    After typing the last sentence, Xiao Luo shut down his laptop and went to the bathroom to shower. He had full confidence in his firewall security and decided to use it to reject BaiLing’s request.

    Bai Ling bit on her lips in annoyance. Xiao Luo’s words stirred up her desire to take him on his challenge. Now she had no choice but to break into his computer.



    Three days later, a bombshell was dropped at the Liren Police Substation. Feng Yuqi had made an exception and submitted an application for Xiao Luo to become a regular police officer. Through the connections he had, the application was approved by the district station within a short time, which meant, Xiao Luo was no longer auxiliary police, but a full-fledged police officer.

    Ma Pijin was beside himself with jealousy on finding out about this.

    Many people envied Xiao Luo as well. They knew the process for auxiliary police to become a permanent police officer on regular payroll was fraught with difficulty. Some people didn’t have the opportunity to apply even after working for several years. On the contrary, Xiao Luo had already achieved it only four days after arriving at the station. It was simply unbelievable!

    “Haha… I’m really excited for brother Xiao Luo. Somehow, he became a permanent police officer. I can follow him and have a good time from now on!” Liu Tieguo congratulated Xiao Luo loudly on purpose while being next to Ma Pijin.

    With a resentful face, Ma Pijin smashed his fist on the table, said, “Xiao Luo must have pulled some strings. Otherwise, there is no way that he would be put on regular payroll so fast. These kinds of people who abuse connections are so shameless.”

    “Look, *ss-kisser, you still don’t get it. Brother Xiao Luo was promoted for his ability. Why don’t you arrest dozens of criminals if you’re so capable? I guarantee the station chief would break every rule and have you promoted as well.” Liu Tieguo felt absolutely delighted and derived great satisfaction from looking at Ma Pijin’s frustrated and angry face.

    “Liu Tieguo, why are you always going against me?” Ma Pijin asked in an offended tone.

    “No one is going against you. You are doing this to yourself. We all came from the same training camp. Why are you always so jealous of Xiao Luo’s achievement? As we were all classmates at the training camp, isn’t his promotion beneficial for all of us? Why can’t you understand this?” Liu Tieguo answered, feeling annoyed.

    Ma Pijin sneered, “It’s not that I don’t understand this. I just don’t want to advance by nepotism as Xiao Luo did!”

    “You’re sick. Very sick.”

    Liu Tieguo had had enough of Ma Pijin, but before he left, he said, “I remind you one more time. Xiao Luo was promoted for his ability. The nepotism you mentioned is only in your head. It’s a fiction of your imagination.”

    Ma Pijin ground his teeth and tried hard to contain his anger. He just couldn’t accept the fact that Xiao Luo was an official police officer now.



    “Do you know why I promoted you?”

    Inside the station chief’s office, Feng Yuqi looked at Xiao Luo straight in the eyes, but it was a look associated with the high expectations of one appreciating a precious treasure.

    “I don’t know. I hope the station chief can tell me.”

    Xiao Luo shook his head and answered candidly. He certainly didn’t anticipate anything good; instead, he was wondering if the station would punish him for the incident at the yard. Much to his surprise, not only was he not censured, he was rewarded with a promotion. It was beyond all expectations!

    “Because you’re resolute and dare to stand up to your opponents, I want you to be the sword of our station and crack down on those filthy criminal activities!” said Feng Yuqi.

    Xiao Luo was astounded by Feng Yuqi’s words. He didn’t realize Feng Yuqi was such a forthright station chief who was bold and decisive in action. He had promoted Xiao Luo precisely to grant him more authority and afford him the freedom to carry out his future mission.

    “Chief, do you mean it?”

    “I already promoted you. Is that not enough to show my seriousness?”

    Feng Yuqi took out a red book from his drawer and handed it to Xiao Luo, said, “Take it and have a look. I prepared this for you as well.”

    Xiao Luo didn’t need to open it at all. The yellow characters were printed clearly on the cover: Firearm License!

    With this firearm license, he would be allowed to carry a weapon when he went out for patrols or other police missions. Of course, carrying a gun did not mean he could act recklessly. The usage of the weapon and the number of ammunition rounds discharged were strictly controlled and monitored. And he would have to prepare a detailed report any time he fired the gun.

    “Besides this, you can pick three auxiliary police officers to be your direct subordinates to assist you. Xiao Luo, you go out there and do a good job. I have confidence in you.” Feng Yuqi said keenly, and his eyes showed he meant it.

    “Yes, sir. I will never waste station chief’s trust and guidance!”

    Holding up his head and pushing out his chest, Xiao Luo answered in a clear, firm voice. He initially felt that he was hamstrung in the role of auxiliary police. He had finally gotten what he wished for since Feng Yuqi had freed him from those restraints, and now gave him the latitude to carry out his job.



    “Station chief, to be honest, I’m feeling quite restless. What if Xiao Luo really brings back trouble now that we have given the authority to him?” After Xiao Luo left, the instructor was troubled and asked Feng Yuqi in an anxious voice.

    Feng Yuqi casually poured a cup of hot tea, sat down and took a sip, said, “You’re too cautious and have too many fears. How are you going to fight the criminals this way? I admire Xiao Luo’s style. He’s like a fierce tiger. A tiger locked in a cage can’t achieve anything. We can only appreciate its value once we set it free. I have had enough of waiting all these years. It’s time for us to put more pressure on those b*stards.”

    “Can Xiao Luo do it? Those are a bunch of vicious killers. If we took any action, all of our families will be threatened by them!”

    A fearful look was in the instructor’s eyes. Being a police officer didn’t mean he was not afraid of anything. They had to compromise all this time, for the sake of their families’ safety, when dealing with very influential and powerful criminals.

    Feng Yuqi slammed down the lid of the teacup. With a strong sense of justice, he raised his head and said, ” Sometimes, we have to choose to gamble.” He stood up and walked to the window. A smile formed on the corner of his mouth as he looked at the scene outside. “The weather is changing!”

    The instructor widened his eyes and looked at the broad back of Feng Yuqi. Only now did he realize how determined Feng Yuqi was about striking out at the Dragon Gang.