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Chapter 214 - The willing would take the bait (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 214: The willing would take the bait (2)

    [It’s been a long night, but I don’t feel like sleeping. I would like to have a drink~ ]

    And next was the wait!

    To get a scoop, waiting was essential. In order to not expose herself, she couldn’t do things too deliberately. So, it wasn’t guaranteed that the story she had posted would be seen by Rong Wang, or if he would even reply to it!

    But… the willing would take the bait!

    Time trickled on. Xu Weilai went to take a shower, applied her skincare products, took her own sweet time to dry her hair, and even sat through several episodes of those cheesy shows, but her phone remained silent.

    Raising her head, she checked the time. It was almost twelve… Seems like she wouldn’t be able to gather anything that night?

    Surprises are always left to the very last second!

    Just as Xu Weilai was getting ready to sleep, her phone rang. She clicked on WeChat straightaway, sure enough… there was a new message from Rong Wang!

    [King]: I’m having a party, would you like to come over and have a drink?

    Oh yeah~ The fish took the bait!

    With a swift motion, Xu Weilai sat up. She broke into a little dance, before finally suppressing her feelings of excitement. Her fingers danced across the screen, quickly crafting a reply and sending it over.

    [ Lil’ Lil’ Weilai ]: Ah ah ah ah ah ah, if you’re the one asking, Brother King, then I’ll have to go! Wait for me!

    As to why she called him brother, she was just following the custom. His fans all called him that. Anyway, in a fan’s eyes, their idol was their husband, brother, little brother etcetera.

    As for a husband, she already had one, so it wasn’t possible for her to call him that. She also had a little brother, so it wasn’t possible for her to call him that either. So, brother was the only option left!

    King sent her the location shortly after. It was a renowned nightclub in the city.

    Xu Weilai chucked her phone aside, rushing to her closet. Biting her lip, she hesitated for a second, before ultimately settling on a T-shirt and a denim skirt. After changing her outfit, she sat before her vanity table. Applying light make-up and pulling her hair into a high ponytail, she looked cute and pure.

    Standing before her full-body mirror, she took a look at her reflection. Then, she pulled one side of her T-shirt over her shoulder, revealing her slender collarbones on one side. In an instant, her obedient look turned a little wild.

    Xu Weilai’s lips curved into a smile. After getting her things ready, she picked up her purse, and off she went!


    When she reached the nightclub, Rong Wang’s beautiful assistant had arrived to pick her up. According to her previous investigations, Xu Weilai knew that she was called Mei, and had been with Rong Wang for quite some years. She had fair skin, good looks, and a good physique, but for some reason, Xu Weilai felt that she looked a little frail. Even though it was covered up with a thick layer of foundation, she still could tell.

    Mei didn’t speak much on the way there. She just led her into the suite, as if it was part of her daily routine.

    Before she went into the suite, she caught Mei parting her lips from the corner of her eye. It looked as if she wanted to say something. But, in the end, she turned and walked away without saying anything.

    In the suite were quite a few men and women, it was quite lively.

    Everyone was having a pretty good time. At the sight of Xu Weilai, one of the guys straight-up whistled as he teased, “Where did this beauty come from, you look so pure… that I thought I saw a little fairy!”

    Xu Weilai broke into a shy smile, “Thank you. You look great too, handsome~”

    “You sure are good with your words. Come over and sit beside me…” The man got up, ready to welcome Xu Weilai before Rong Wang, who was on the side, spoke, “She’s my fan, and she’s here to look for me. Scram!”

    Shoved aside by Rong Wang, the man feigned his collapse onto the sofa, clenching onto his chest as he wailed, “It’s another one of your dutiful subjects again? Hais, my heart aches~”

    With a cigarette between his lips, Rong Wang blew out wisps of smoke. It was a stark difference from the image he had as a refined idol in front of the masses. Taking the cigarette away from his lips, he gave it a few taps, before calling out to Xu Weilai frivolously, “Come here.”