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Chapter 215 - Indeed a scum (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 215: Indeed a scum (1)

    With admiration in her eyes, Xu Weilai made her way over and sat obediently next to him. Then, she felt Rong Wang’s eyes on her. His gaze swept up and down her body, before pouring her a glass of wine and pushing it towards her.

    Xu Weilai took the glass of wine, seemingly honored in an instant. She grinned from ear to ear, “Brother King personally poured me a glass of wine, I feel so blessed~ I can’t bear to drink it!’

    Rong Wang basked in her admiration and adoration for him, “Just drink, don’t worry. I’ll pour for you no matter how much you drink.”

    Rong Wang poured a glass for himself. After clinking their glasses together, he downed his glass suavely. Xu Weilai watched and took a sip of her wine.

    After having a few glasses, Xu Weilai raised her hand to her forehead like a “lightweight”, calling out weakly, “I can’t hold my liquor well… I feel so dizzy, Brother King, don’t laugh at me.”

    “Why would I laugh at you, you’re so pretty. You’re even prettier drunk~ I like it.”

    Rong Wang closed their distance and looped his arm over Xu Weilai’s shoulder. His palm caressed Xu Weilai’s exposed shoulder naturally. His smile turned devious, an indecent look glinting in his eyes.

    He was so close to her, that she could tell that he reeked of booze. Xu Weilai maintained the smile on her face although a wave of disgust was already bubbling within her.

    She shifted to the other side discreetly, speaking in a half-joking and half flirtatious manner, “Brother King, you’re leaning so close to me, that I… I can’t breathe. I, I want to go to the restroom to wash up, may I?”

    Rong Wang broke into a smile naturally, “Go ahead.”

    Xu Weilai placed down her glass and got up. Staggering, she made her way to the restroom within the suite. Rong Wang’s gaze followed her as he sipped on his wine.

    After making her way into the restroom, she locked the door. Now that she was alone, Xu Weilai couldn’t hold back the shiver that ran down her spine.

    He was getting so handsy, it seemed like he was indeed a veteran at this, how disgusting~

    Xu Weilai took in a few deep breaths, before turning on the tap and washing her hands. Then, she took a few pieces of tissue and wiped down the shoulder that Rong Wang had touched. Only then, was she able to suppress the feeling of disgust bubbling within her.

    When Xu Weilai was about to twist open the restroom’s door and make her way out, the suite had suddenly quietened down significantly. A little puzzled, she inched the door open a little, and peeked out.

    Seems like Rong Wang had called it a night, as everyone started getting up and leaving one by one. Soon, only Rong Wang and one other man were in the suite. Xu Weilai recognized the man, he was Rong Wang’s agent, called Brother Xiong.

    “Rong, the girl that you’ve called over today, she seems a little familiar… Oh, was she Gu Yu’s plus one for the Gu Corporation’s year-end banquet?

    As he continued, Brother Xiong’s expression turned dark, “Don’t tell me that this woman is related to CEO Gu, and you…”

    Rong Wang cut him right off, “Enough. I heard from Gu Xue that this Xu Weilai isn’t that important to Gu Yu, she’s basically dispensable. If she wasn’t pretty, I wouldn’t entertain her either.”

    Stroking his chin, he broke into a devious smile, “She should taste good too.”

    At his words, Brother Xiong heaved a sigh of relief. After all, Gu Xue was someone from the Gu Family and she was cousins with Gu Yu. Since she said that Xu Weilai wasn’t anyone important, then there wasn’t anything to be worried about.

    Brother Xiong tapped on Rong Wang’s shoulder, a carefree smile on his face, “If that’s the case, then I shan’t interrupt your merry time. I’ll get going first.”

    After he walked out, Rong Wang glanced over at the restroom. Noticing that the door was still closed shut, his lips curved into a smile. Fetching a small bottle from his pocket, he poured out several white pills and dropped them into Xu Weilai’s wine glass expertly.