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Chapter 217 - Innocence at stake (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 217: Innocence at stake (1)

    Just then, Xu Weilai snuck one hand into her purse that she had placed by her side. Once she had made out where her phone was, her fingers quickly pressed on the dial tone that she had previously recorded.

    Once her phone rang, Xu Weilai said smoothly, “I’ve got a call, Brother King. Let me go take it…”

    Certain that she had already drank the wine, he probably felt that she was someone that he already had in the bag. Generously, Rong Wang said, “Hurry up, I’ll be waiting for you.”

    Xu Weilai grabbed her purse, breaking into a slight smile, before she staggered out of the suite.

    Once the door closed shut, she shoved her fingers into her throat, forcing herself to throw up that sip of wine that she had just had. Even though she was able to force herself to throw up a little, she could vaguely feel the dizziness creeping up to her head, and how she was losing strength in her limbs bit by bit.

    She needed to get out of there quickly!

    Xu Weilai carried her purse, trying to stride her way out. But, after taking a few steps, she heard the suite’s door creak open.

    Rong Wang was out to find her!

    Xu Weilai estimated that with her restricted mobility, Rong Wang would definitely catch up to her before she made her way out. Once he got his hands on her, her innocence would be at stake.

    This won’t do, she can’t let him see!

    With a turn of her feet, Xu Weilai went around the corner. At the sight of the sign showing the directions to the public restroom, she made her way towards the restroom, leaning against the wall for support.

    The sound of footsteps trailed behind her. Xu Weilai gritted her teeth, and as fast as she could, she finally managed to rush into the female restroom. She quickly went into one of the empty cubicles, locking it with her trembling hands.

    There was no guarantee that Rong Wang wouldn’t come in while looking for her. Moreover, she could feel her head getting heavier and her footsteps getting more unsteady. She didn’t know how long more she could hold on to her consciousness.

    Xu Weilai fetched her phone out, but her phone screen was but a blur. She practically couldn’t see anything. Painstakingly, she clicked on her contacts, trying to find Big Boss’s personal assistant’s contact, the one that’s called Qiao Chu. Because of how much her fingers were trembling, she had to click a few times, before finally succeeding in making the call.

    The beeping tone rang in her ear as Xu Weilai felt her heart racing with anxiety. After about ten seconds, the call made it through.

    Not waiting for him to speak, she used the last ounce of her energy and called out, “XX nightclub, in the females’ restroom, come quick!”

    After saying those few words, she didn’t even have the energy to hold her phone. It slipped from hands, crashing onto the ground. Her entire body leaned against the wall, as she laid limp on the ground.

    After a long time, she vaguely made out the sound of footsteps tapping from outside the restroom. Then, someone pushed the door open, and walked in.

    The person that came in clearly wasn’t there for the restroom, because the footsteps sounded heavy. It didn’t seem like a girl’s footsteps.

    Was Qiao Chu here? Or… did Rong Wang find her?

    At the next second, the person outside spoke. Xu Weilai heard that deep, low voice of Rong Wang’s, the type that sent shivers down one’s spine, “Little beauty, are you in here? Don’t play hide and seek with Brother King, come out quickly, mn?”

    Shoot, it’s the latter!

    Xu Weilai clasped her hands together involuntarily. Her whole body felt weak and she felt light-headed. Even her body was burning up. It’d be a piece of a cake for him to take her down. Would she be able to hold it out till Qiao Chu came?

    The footsteps drew closer and closer, as Rong Wang pushed open the cubicles one by one in search of her. Then, he stood before the one that Xu Weilai was in.

    He gave the door a push, and it didn’t budge. Then, he let out a scarily devilish laugh all of a sudden, “Seems like you’re in here… that’s fine, I haven’t tried doing it here before.”

    Once he finished his piece, he gave the door a kick. The door lock loosened in an instant.

    Xu Weilai was powerless. Even her vision was turning dark and the noise from her surroundings was gradually getting softer and softer. It felt like a few seconds, or a very long while after, when she felt her body being lifted up by someone else.