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Chapter 218 - Losing Her Innocence

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 218: Losing Her Innocence

    Xu Weilai wanted to open her eyes instinctively but there seemed to be a heavy weight that burdened her eyelids. She couldn’t open her eyes no matter how hard she tried. She attempted to move her hands too but they felt just as heavy as if they were filled with lead.

    After that, she felt that she was placed on a soft and big bed by someone. Someone seemed to be shouting her name but it also felt like her own illusion. Then, she felt extremely warm. A ball of hot air was congregating in her body. It spread slowly and exploded. Then, it devoured her consciousness, bit by bit.

    She needed to get rid of the heat urgently. She didn’t know what she grabbed but that thing felt like a huge ice block. It was attracting her to move closer. She pounced towards it subconsciously and hugged it tightly.

    At first, that thing still resisted for a moment. She didn’t know if it was because she kept hugging it or rubbing herself against it but soon, she felt that thing pinning her down instead.

    After that, she seemed to be kissed by it. The kiss came down forcefully. It almost took all her breath away. She was already finding it hard to breathe because of the heat so the kiss almost caused her to suffocate.

    Her survival instinct urged her to push away the thing that was lying on her body. However, her hands were held and pushed above her head. The kiss started moving from her lips down to her neck. Then, it moved further down…

    In the end, Xu Weilai felt her body getting hotter and hotter. It was as if she was being placed over a flame and barbecued. Every time she wanted to break free from the grip, the invisible big hand would pull her back again. Finally… she was engulfed by the burning flame and burned into ashes!


    When Xu Weilai woke up again, her mind was in a whirl. She laid on the bed in a daze for a long while before her memory came back to her, piece by piece.

    She could only remember that she was hiding in the toilet and the last thing she recalled was hearing Rong Wang kicking down the door. Then, her consciousness started getting blurred. But… she still recalled bits and pieces of what happened. In addition, her body was sore, weak, and uncomfortable…

    She wasn’t a virgin so she immediately knew what she just went through.

    Xu Weilai hugged the blanket and sat up with much effort. She clenched her fist tightly. The veins on the back of her hand popped out and the blood on her face was drained in an instant.

    It looked like… that was the worse outcome? She was still violated…

    The door was suddenly pushed open. Footsteps came closer to her. Xu Weilai didn’t lift her head. A strong killing intent appeared quickly in the depths of her eyes.

    The person’s footsteps stopped by the side of the bed. Xu Weilai felt his gaze landing on her body. It was deep and heavy. She bit her lips. Just as she was contemplating if she should perish with this ‘bastard’, the person’s voice was heard.

    “You still know how to be afraid?”

    The voice was cold and mocking. The person didn’t hide his anger either.

    Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment, Then, she lifted her head abruptly. The extremely handsome face of the man in front of her appeared before her. She was in a trance for an entire minute.

    She shifted her eyeballs stiffly and saw the loose bathrobe he was wearing. There were some water droplets in his hair. He probably had just finished bathing.

    Then, she quickly scanned the room. That was a hotel room!

    Even though she didn’t know what happened after she lost consciousness, based on the situation laid out in front of her… Xu Weilai swallowed her saliva and opened her mouth. Her voice was low and hoarse. It was also shaking a little. “The person who did it with me… was you?”