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Chapter 203 - Hubby Gives You a Piggyback Ride

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 203: Hubby Gives You a Piggyback Ride

    It was about 9 am when they had the hotel breakfast and went out. They bumped into Chen Xuyao at the entrance. Lu Xingzhi asked him to visit Chen Zhibin at the hospital and then drove away with Jiang Yao.

    “Even if you command me to go to the hospital, can’t you at least give me a ride!” Chen Xuyao stomped his foot in agitation.

    Lu Xingzhi parked his car in a destitute neighborhood. The development of this area was seemingly outdated, the streets and alleys were narrow and filthy. Cars were inaccessible in these narrow alleys, so Lu Xingzhi parked his car outside and walked in, holding Jiang Yao’s hand tightly.

    Jiang Yao was wearing the black heeled shoes that she wore yesterday. The road in the old neighborhood was unlike the flat cemented road in the urban area, and most of these roads were muddy, full of potholes and stones of different sizes. Some unknown substances that could only be assumed as garbage was covering the road surface, releasing an unpleasant stench that oozed from afar.

    “Ouch!” Jiang Yao couldn’t find her balance walking on such uneven roads although Lu Xingzhi was leading her. She stepped into one of the many potholes and bumped into his body directly.

    “Stop throwing yourself at me,” Lu Xingzhi chided her under the impact of environmental influence.

    Despite his loud warning, Jiang Yao, who had not yet managed to stand still, fell over again, and this time, she nearly fell to the dirty ground. Thankfully, Lu Xingzhi was swift enough to pull her up.

    “Lu Xingzhi! Shut up!” Jiang Yao growled in dismay. How dare he accuse her of throwing herself at him? Did he really think that she was flirting with him right here!?

    If it was way before this, Jiang Yao bet that Lu Xingzhi wouldn’t dare to tease her like this. He would be so afraid that he might piss her off and she would ignore him again.

    The closest moment she could think of was during the summer holiday.

    At that time, when Lu Xingzhi had been with her, he had had to think twice before saying or doing anything in case he would annoy her.

    Alright then. Now that he knew that she wouldn’t get angry at him so easily, he had started to become pompous and smug!

    Jiang Yao regretted her change of attitude toward him. If she knew that Lu Xingzhi would transform into such an annoying version of himself, she would have retained her arrogant and cold self until the end of time!

    Hmph! She was very mad!

    ‘Oops,’ Lu Xingzhi thought to himself as he rubbed his nose sheepishly. His wife had yelled his full name, meaning she must be really angry right now. He knew that he had to quit his teasing right then and there otherwise the timid kitten might mutate into a tigress!

    Looking at the muddy and bumpy road ahead, Lu Xingzhi squatted down and said, “Come, hubby will give you a piggyback.”

    Jiang Yao froze in surprise, her wrath of fury dissipating in an instant. Her heart fluttered in delight as she stared at the man who was bending over before her.

    Lu Xingzhi turned his head and prompted her further since Jiang Yao didn’t move an inch. “Hurry up! What are you doing? Do you want me to hug you instead?”

    “Okay! Alright! Here I come!” Jiang Yao quickly answered and hopped on his back, worrying that if she replied any later than that, he would turn around and pick her up into a bridal carry. There were a lot of people walking on the street, it would be so embarrassing if she was carried by him like that.

    As Jiang Yao leaned against his back, Lu Xingzhi walked at a steady and constant speed although there was a person on his back. Occasionally, she could feel his body swaying slightly but he would quickly return to his original position and keep walking.