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Chapter 206 - Honor

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 206: Honor

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    Lu Xingzhi’s face was as cold as ice. “Do you know who is the person you just called a f*cking cripple? Do you even know how his leg was injured?”

    Lu Xingzhi’s heart felt cold and desolate at that moment. “I’ll tell you. Wu Zhong is a retired soldier. His leg was injured by the enemies during his mission! If it wasn’t for dedicated and brave soldiers like Wu Zhong, you wouldn’t even have the chance to live! When the soldiers are healthy, they shed blood to protect people like you. Even if they retire due to their injury, they don’t deserve to be bullied by ruffians like you!”

    Lu Xingzhi could not bear to see retired soldiers being bullied and depreciated.

    Wu Zhong’s disability was a form of honor, a form of sacrifice! It could never be the cause for him to be a laughingstock!

    He could ever forget that Wu Zhong had sacrificed his leg in order to save so many lives in that mission!

    “Young Master Lu?” Wu Zhong was stunned when he saw someone standing up for him. When he recognized him, he was completely taken aback.

    Wu Zhong was very much older than Lu Xingzhi. When Lu Xingzhi had joined the platoon, they were not in the same camp, but both of them had teamed up in many missions. They were each other’s partner and had passed by the gates of hell together many times. Previously in the platoon, Wu Zhong had had a habit of calling Lu Xingzhi as Young Master Lu like the others, so he had not changed that until now.

    However, Lu Xingzhi had always been at Jindo City, so he was astonished when he saw Lu Xingzhi’s sudden appearance.

    Lu Xingzhi’s words made Wu Zhong teary-eyed. In the years after his retirement, he had been scolded as a f*cking cripple countless times. Many people had asked him how his leg had gotten injured but he had never mentioned that he was a retired soldier, nor did he mention how his leg had received the injury.

    He kept his last dignity as a soldier. He had never wanted to disgrace the platoon and was never willing to use his identity as a retired soldier to seek sympathy.

    Lu Xingzhi’s words made the people around show respect to Wu Zhong. At that moment, a soldier was a hero in everyone’s hearts.

    “Wu Zhong, you’re a retired soldier? Why didn’t you tell us?” An old neighbor who knew Wu Zhong asked him.

    “Brother Zhong. ” Lu Xingzhi turned his head and addressed Wu Zhong. “Wait for a while, I’ll catch up with you after I teach this ruffian a lesson.”

    “Please spare my life… I didn’t even know that he was a retired soldier. I was wrong, it will never ever happen again…” The ruffian knew that he could not offend the person in front of him, so he quickly apologized. He had extorted countless people and knew very well about the kind of people he could threaten and the people he could not.

    The clothes of the person in front of him could not be afforded by normal people, and his aura was as cold and sharp as an ice blade.

    “Young Master Lu, just let him go.” Wu Zhong pulled at Lu Xingzhi and gently shook his head.

    As he was still living there, if he really did end up offending a ruffian like that, the latter might resort to further trouble-making. He did not mind it, but he was worried that the innocent old neighbors would get involved as well.

    “Get lost!” Lu Xingzhi knew what Wu Zhong was worrying about. After some thought, he kicked the ruffian one last time and told him to get lost. The ruffian then scurried away immediately.

    “It’s over, please go home to avoid further trouble everyone.” Wu Zhong dispersed the crowd and kept his stuff at the stall away. Since Lu Xingzhi was here, he would definitely not set up his stall anymore.

    Everyone was afraid of trouble, so the crowd dispersed after they heard Wu Zhong’s words. There were a few old men who were not afraid, but they knew Wu Zhong needed to catch up with his friend, so they no longer lingered around.

    Wu Zhong was overjoyed when he saw Lu Xingzhi. After he kept his stuff, he invited Lu Xingzhi to eat with him at his place.