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Chapter 873 - Si Yiyan, I Really Know My Mistake

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 873: Si Yiyan, I Really Know My Mistake

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    At last, Wen Xinya truly understood how it felt to have to work for her own food.

    She headed to the bathroom to take a hot bath, feeling extremely blissful and comfortable while being surrounded by the warm water. After soaking herself in the water for 20 minutes, she felt much more refreshed and her headache was also alleviated.

    Wen Xinya grabbed the ointment that Si Yiyan usually rubbed on her body and began smothering it over her skin. She felt much less achy than before, then she put on her bathrobe to exit the washroom.

    There were some hangover broth, contraceptive soup and a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table beside the couch.

    Wen Xinya subconsciously picked up the glass of hot chocolate, after which the sweet fragrance of cocoa wafted up to her nose. It was a familiar scent that reassured her that Si Yiyan was the one who made that glass of hot chocolate. Wen Xinya’s heart melted.

    After thinking about how well Si Yiyan treated her, she suddenly felt that she had been spoiled rotten by him. She was already not putting in enough effort for him and worst still… she could not even keep her promise to stay away from alcohol.

    Not only was it dangerous for a girl to get drunk away from home, but alcohol was also harmful to one’s health. In her previous lifetime, she had ruined her body because of alcohol poisoning. Si Yiyan was doing it for her own good.

    She again thought about the phone call she gave Si Yiyan last night. At that time, he was obviously worried and anxious about her. In the end, she even threw a tantrum in the morning, instead of apologizing to him. It was little wonder that he would be upset with her.

    After reflecting on herself, Wen Xinya downed the broth obediently together with the contraceptive soup before scurrying to the living room to look for Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan was sitting in the living room and having his breakfast by the dining table.

    Wen Xinya stared at the food in front of him to see that he had just begun eating. He was obviously waiting for her just now.

    Filled with joy and bliss, Wen Xinya tried to act apologetic and exclaimed, “Si Yiyan, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have drunk that much last night. I shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum this morning either.”

    Si Yiyan put the fork and knife down before wiping his mouth gracefully with a white cloth. He then glanced at her calmly and asked, “What else?”

    Wen Xinya asked in bewilderment, “What… what else?”

    She could not help but wonder to herself. Her headache debilitated again and she pounded her head.

    Si Yiyan stared at her calmly while waiting for her answer.

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and she said, “I promised you that I wouldn’t drink again, but I ended up going back on my word. I’m sorry, I know I was wrong. I’ll definitely remember your words from now on.”

    Si Yiyan expressed assent and picked up his cutlery to continued eating.

    Wen Xinya tugged her ear and bit her lip while staring at Si Yiyan pitifully. Si Yiyan was extremely graceful and poised when eating, and every move of his was full of nobility.

    Wen Xinya was beyond anxious and could not stand the fact that he was giving her the cold shoulder. He should at least give her a hint!

    Wen Xinya walked towards Si Yiyan and hugged him from behind. She exclaimed coquettishly, “Si Yiyan, I really know my mistake. You’ve already punished me and scolded me. Just be magnanimous and forgive me this once!”

    Si Yiyan put his cutlery down and asked, “Do you want me to injure myself?”

    Wen Xinya suddenly remembered that he was holding a fork and a knife in hand. She quickly let go of him and bit her lip, pretending to be extremely apologetic. “Tell me, what must I do in order to make you forgive me?”

    Si Yiyan glanced at her coldly.

    Wen Xinya frantically said, “Si Yiyan, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have gotten drunk last night and wandered around by myself in a cab. I should have called you to get you to come and pick me up.”

    Si Yiyan had an icy cold expression on his face when he placed her on his lap. “Ninth-Heaven may belong to the Gu Family, but it’s still a complicated place. You’re a girl. What’s going to happen if you get drunk and meet with danger when you’re there? Although the cabs in the city are of better quality, there are still some black sheep. You’re a girl. If you get dead drunk and run into ruffians, you’re going to be in hot soup.”

    Wen Xinya felt extremely ashamed after hearing his words. In her previous lifetime, she had been to all sorts of complicated and dangerous places and she had also been kidnapped by a cab driver too.

    Knowing that he had really knocked some sense into her, Si Yiyan said, “Xinya, you’re a girl and, while it’s my duty to protect you, you also have to protect yourself. You’re not an ordinary person. You’re the heiress of the Wen Family, and all your words and actions are subject to the scrutiny of the media. If the media catches you getting drunk and behaving atrociously, they’ll definitely make an issue out of it. Perhaps, it would only be a casual piece of news if an ordinary person were to be the subject. However, it’s different for you… I hope you’ll be an upright person, but I don’t want you to suffer heavy losses because of a minor problem.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “I know my mistake.”

    Si Yiyan had indeed been sparing a thought for her.

    Si Yiyan knew that she knew her limits, though she was getting a little complacent because of the great benefits that she had reaped from defeating the Xiao Family. He knew that she had merely neglected the possible issues. Seeing that she had already admitted to her mistake, he decided not to berate her any further. He asked, “Have you drank the broth yet? Does your head still hurt?”

    Wen Xinya rubbed her face against his chest affectionately and answered, “It hurts, I’m not feeling too well.”

    Si Yiyan massaged her head and said, “I’ll massage your head to relieve your pain.”

    Pressing her face against Si Yiyan’s chest with bliss in her heart, Wen Xinya enjoyed the massage and said, “My body aches too. I’m feeling weak and feeble.”

    Si Yiyan massaged her body and asked, “Do you feel any other discomfort apart from the muscle aches?”

    Although he had been restrained last night, he still could not hold himself back too much because of his raging hormones. However, he was worried that he had hurt her.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and answered, “No.”

    Feeling much more relieved, Si Yiyan kissed her brows and said, “I’ll get Mrs. Tan to check your body later.”

    Blushing with shyness, Wen Xinya said, “It’s alright, I’m fine. You just have to massage my body and I’ll feel much more comfortable.”

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Don’t be shy. Mrs. Tan is not going to make fun of us. She’ll be glad to see how loving we are.”

    Wen Xinya nudged him gently and said, “Whatever, I just don’t want Mrs. Tan to check my body. That’s so embarrassing!”

    Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “You must be good and obedient.”

    Thinking about how she was at fault, she decided to be compliant. Hence, she nodded reluctantly and conceded. “You must accompany me later. I don’t want to face Mrs. Tan alone.”

    Si Yiyan naturally agreed.

    Wen Xinya continued to grouse and lament about Si Yiyan giving her the cold shoulder in the morning. “You’re not allowed to be fierce to me in the future. You’re not allowed to be cold to me or ignore me either…”