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Chapter 508 - The Ratings Exceeded 6%!

Medical Master
     Chapter 508 The Ratings Exceeded 6%!

    A hundred people had all learned martial arts.

    Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

    Fang Qiu thought maybe they had planned this for a long time and just waited for him to say yes.

    Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence that everyone had learned martial arts before?

    Li Ji asked, “What do you think?”

    Fang Qiu thought for a moment and said, “Okay. I’ll try my best to make them all become martial arts practitioners. Although they have a lot of room for improvement, the time is limited. It may be easier for them to become martial arts practitioners.”

    Li Ji was surprised. “Really?”

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Yes. Although it’s very likely to help them directly improve to the Martial Superior Level, it’s too troublesome and time-consuming to do it. They can only rely on themselves to advance after becoming martial arts practitioners.”

    Li Ji asked again in surprise, “Are you talking about helping every one of them? Can this really work?”

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Yes. It’s easier to let them become martial arts practitioners than to let Chen Cong become one. Because these one hundred people have all experienced life and death battles. Each of them is very good at controlling their bodies. I just need to teach them how to turn the strength in their muscles into internal force. This is relatively simple.”

    Upon hearing that, Li Ji and the commander were both pleasantly surprised.

    Indeed, this was a plan that they had prepared a long time ago.

    When Li Ji heard that Fang Qiu requested to learn the scouting, tracking, and other skills of the special forces, he reported it to the superiors. The authority soon approved, but they needed to ask Fang Qiu to leave something for them. The most direct thing was to train the soldiers.

    Therefore, Li Ji chose the special forces base in Nanjiang.

    All the special troops here had learned martial arts because they were in a remote place and often dealt with criminals. A large number of them were outstanding talents selected from the police force.

    If it hadn’t been for the purpose that Fang Qiu needed to train these soldiers, Li Ji wouldn’t have let Fang Qiu come all the way to the border of Nanjiang. He could teach Fang Qiu the skills in Jiangjing or even find a coach of special forces to teach Fang Qiu one-on-one.

    In fact, Li Ji and the commander had always thought that as long as Fang Qiu could train ten soldiers to become martial arts practitioners, it would be a blessing for them.

    However, what they didn’t expect was Fang Qiu actually said that he wanted to train all of them into martial arts practitioners!

    How could Li Ji and the commander not be surprised?

    The commander excitedly grabbed Fang Qiu’s hand and asked, “Great, that’s great! When shall we start training?”

    Fang Qiu stood up and said, “Let’s start now. It’s time for them to work with renewed vigor and determination. It will be easier to train them when they are suffering from low morale.”

    The commander was very excited and said, “Very well. I’ll arrange it right away.”

    After he finished speaking, the commander immediately left the room.

    As the commander looked at the 100 soldiers who were training, his excitement disappeared in an instant, replaced by a solemn look.

    Soon, a hundred people gathered together.

    After the commander gave some instructions, he immediately took everyone out of the base and went deep into the forest, including Fang Qiu.

    The training started right away.

    One day later, it was 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

    The sixth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was officially broadcast on Channel 3 of Central Television.

    Because of the short preview released a week in advance, it caused a huge heat of discussion. Before the show started, countless people were waiting in front of the TV and computers, waiting to watch this episode.

    People had been wondering for a long time whether Fang Qiu would accept Yang Bo’s challenge.

    Had Fang Qiu cured the patient that Yang Bo had brought?

    There were all sorts of questions.

    Finally, it was completely unveiled on the show this time.

    As expected, it was all about Fang Qiu in this episode.

    Everyone watched it very carefully. The scene that Yang Bo broke into the broadcast studio made them furious for no reason.

    Later, when Yang Bo called out to Fang Qiu, everyone suddenly became nervous.

    When they saw the three judges take the initiative to stand up and take the responsibility, all the people who were watching the show couldn’t help but praise them.

    “This is the backbone of Chinese Medicine practitioners!”

    “They live up to the reputation as experienced Chinese Medicine doctors. They are so courageous.”

    However, just as everyone kept praising the three judges, they saw Yang Bo actually refuse to take the prescription written jointly by the judges!

    This made everyone who was watching the show furious.

    “Yang Bo is simply too shameless.”

    “Yes, the prescription has been written and it was guaranteed that his patient could be cured by taking the medicine, but he still refused to admit it?”

    “He’s such a dirty dog. I’ll get angry every time I see his face!”

    Just when everyone was angry, the picture on the TV changed.

    Yang Bo turned his head directly and targeted at Fang Qiu again.

    The key was that he was right.

    It only took Fang Qiu two days to cure Yang Ningyuan. Indeed, it was different from what the three judges said that the patient could only be cured in one to three months.

    At this point, everyone was worried about Fang Qiu.

    Even the prescription written jointly by three highly-skilled doctors required one or three months. Fang Qiu was just a freshman who had just learned Chinese Medicine for a year. How could he cure Yang Ningyuan in two days?

    Some busybodies directly launched the topic of “Fang Qiu Hyping” on the Internet, saying that Fang Qiu was actually using Yang Ningyuan to hype himself, and even suspected that Yang Ningyuan’s illness was fake.

    Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to this stupid topic, so it ended without any response.

    At the same time, Fang Qiu also accepted Yang Bo’s challenge.

    Everyone also saw the whole story through TV.

    But Fang Qiu’s treatment didn’t make public, which had made a lot of people angry.

    Eventually, when the PD who followed the patient to the hospital called back to inform everyone that the patient was cured, everyone in front of the TV was amazed!

    They didn’t expect that Fang Qiu actually cured him!

    This was too awesome!

    The video was played out the moment the hospital showed the results of the examination, which was changed into a basic view, including the stunned Yang Bo, the ecstatic patient, and the doctor who was too shocked to speak for a long time.

    There was no doubt that this scene greatly shocked every audience.

    This kind of shock could not be concealed!

    After watching the show, there was immediately a wave of discussion on the Internet.

    “Fang Qiu is so awesome! He could cure it in such a short time.”

    “That’s crazy. How did Fang Qiu do it?”

    “It’s so awesome. The terminal disease is finally not a terminal one!”

    “This kind of method needs to be popularized so that all patients can see hope!”

    Not just the ordinary audience, the doctors of Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine who had watched the show were also participating in the discussion.

    “Is Chinese Medicine really so powerful? How could it cure a person in such a short time? And no surgery was conducted. How did he treat the patient?”

    “There are myriads of changes in the methods of Chinese Medicine. Have you forgotten the Qi that has been proved by Fang Qiu not long ago?”

    “If this method really exists, it will be good news for patients!”

    “Why don’t they show us the treatment?”

    “I strongly demand to reveal Fang Qiu’s treatment!”

    Apart from this, some busybodies also commented.

    “Fuck, it turns out that Yang Bo was planing on this. He knew that he had no money to cure the disease, so he came to trouble Fang Qiu again and again in order to cure his relative. Yang Ningyuan spent a whole hundred million yuan on treating his disease. Yang Bo cured his relative’ disease without spending a penny. Isn’t that equivalent to making a hundred million for himself?”

    “Yes, I didn’t see Fang Qiu asking him for money at all!”

    “Money? It’s worth his life, isn’t it? Where can he find 100 million?”

    “In my opinion, Fang Qiu is not afraid that he can’t afford it. The main reason is that he has forgotten to ask for money.”

    Seeing these comments, many people couldn’t help but smile.

    This angle of analysis was quite different.

    With the heated discussion on the Internet, the ratings of the show were out early in the morning.

    The moment Director Li Huawen got the ratings report, he nearly fell down on his chair with his knees buckled.

    He took a closer look and found that the first place was still the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    In that period of time, the total number of the ratings reached an amazing level—6%.

    “Exceeded 6%? I didn’t expect it could exceed 6%!”

    Li Huawenzhi would never have thought that this show would reach such an incredible level.

    It should be known that such horrible ratings had never been seen in the variety shows!

    At this moment, Li Huawen was so excited that he was about to go crazy.

    At the same time, many advertisers also called the program group one after another and asked if they could add an advertisement on the show.

    What was more, it even caused a lot of enterprises to compete wildly for the advertisements for the next season.

    On Weibo, there were also countless people mentioned Fang Qiu.

    Some of them asked Fang Qiu to help with their treatment, others asked him to announce his treatment. There were also those who wanted to buy treatment methods from Fang Qiu and prepare for patent application.

    There were all kinds of people.

    In fact, even Li Huawen had received a phone call from a senior official of the Ministry of Health, who hoped that he could ask Fang Qiu to reveal the treatment method.

    Li Huawen called Fang Qiu dozens of times but couldn’t get through. He had no choice but to contact Jiang Miaoyu.

    However, according to Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu was not at school and she couldn’t get in touch with him either.

    In fact, Jiang Miaoyu was also rather helpless.

    However, she was already used to Fang Qiu’s coming and going without a trace.

    Not only did people who wanted to contact Fang Qiu failed to reach him, but those who mentioned Fang Qiu on Weibo also didn’t receive any response from Fang Qiu. They didn’t get any private messages from him and there was no update on Fang Qiu’s Weibo.

    The students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine also said online that they had not seen Fang Qiu on campus for several days, and Fang Qiu seemed to have disappeared like the last time!

    As people got the news that Fang Qiu had disappeared, their enthusiasm was still not reduced. They kept mentioning Fang Qiu on Weibo, and those who sent private messages still sent a private message to him every day. They were still discussing what they should discuss. And the topic was still a hit.

    Although there seemed to be nothing special, everyone knew that they were all waiting for Fang Qiu’s appearance and waiting for him to come back!

    In Nanjiang, Fang Qiu finally came out of the jungle after going deep into the mountain for two days.

    Next to him was the drill master who had been training the squadron of special forces for many years.

    Walking beside Fang Qiu, the drill master looked at Fang Qiu in disbelief.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu had learned all the things he had taught. Moreover, he also found that Fang Qiu’s learning ability was so incredible that he was even better than him!