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Chapter 223 - How Did You Know I Was Talking About Jian Qi?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 223: How Did You Know I Was Talking About Jian Qi?

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    Coco thought about it and did not ask anymore questions. Just when he was about to say something, Tang Yiyi came back.

    However, the managers that went out had not came back.

    Tang Yiyi was upset. “What happened?”

    Everyone did not dare to speak up. Suddenly, the five managers that were missing came back limping.

    Everyone was confused. “What happened to the five of you?”

    They were all seriously injured and their faces were swollen.

    At first, everyone thought that the five of them were not going to say anything, but all five of them said that they fell down.

    Tang Yiyi was not really bothered about it. “Is everything settled now?

    “Who wants the V Series Perfume?”

    “Qiao Bo!” Coco firmly shouted.

    Everyone looked at the five managers. Surprisingly, none of them disagreed.

    Was the argument not heated just now?

    Why were they not saying anything now?

    Since nobody reacted, Tang Yiyi acted as if she saw nothing and continued, “Since nobody wants this offer, Qiao Bo it is then! Does anyone have any questions?”

    Surprisingly, the meeting room was silent.

    Jian Qi was satisfied looking at the scene. They were definitely more careful now!

    “Since there are no other questions, it is confirmed then. Next…”

    Tang Yiyi proposed the following agenda fluently. Everything went smoothly and the meeting that was supposed to end in two hours’ time ended within half an hour.

    “That’s it for today, meeting is adjourned!” Tang Yiyi said and left the meeting room.

    Coco was happy that he was able to take on the perfume advertisement.

    He brought Jian Qi along with him and they left. They met the five managers on the way out.

    Everyone looked at Coco with fear written all over their faces and automatically moved aside to distance themselves from him.

    Coco frowned in confusion.

    When he and Jian Qi returned to his office, he could not help himself and asked, “What did you do to the five of them? Did you beat them up?”

    “O’ Great Coco, you have overestimated me. How would a weak little girl like me do such a violent thing?” Jian Qi looked at him innocently and winked.

    Then she realized that she was wearing sunglasses and he might not be able to see it. Hence, she clung onto his elbow to show that she was weak and gentle.

    “Stop acting, girl. It must be you.”

    “Fine. It was me. But they bullied my Great Coco. They deserved it!” Jian Qi arrogantly raised her eyebrows, “If it were not because of my identity, I would have beaten them up in the meeting room!”

    Coco sighed, “I’m really fine. Can you not do such outrageous things?”

    “Definitely no next time. Well, they wouldn’t dare!” Jian Qi laughed.

    Coco took a deep breath. He knew that she was just trying to help him and he could not do anything else other than hope that this girl who had literally just freed herself could stay safe.

    “Let’s go. I’ll bring you for supper.”




    Tang Yiyi went back to her own office and realized that someone was waiting for her in the room. She smiled. “Why didn’t you wait for me outside the meeting room, Brother?”

    “You were working. What shoud I do there?” Tang Jinyu asked, “Are you done?”

    Tang Yiyi nodded and replied, “Do you know why I made you come and fetch me? I saw your little cutie.”

    Tang Jinyu frowned. “What is she doing here?”

    Tang Yiyi laughed. “How do you know I was talking about Jian Qi?”

    Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrows. “Are you trying to trick me?”