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Chapter 239 - Still as Spoilt as Always~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 239: Still as Spoilt as Always~

    It was late, and so, everyone headed home.

    As they were leaving the club, Ning Meng glanced at Huo Beichen. He seemed to be quite composed, so she thought that she was overthinking. While the few of them were heading toward the basement carpark, Qi Shan seized the opportunity to move closer to Huo Beichen’s side, wanting to gain some merits for himself.

    “Boss, the arrangement for tonight’s horror film was not too bad, right? The three ladies are definitely afraid now, you can use this chance to bring the missus home.”

    When Huo Beichen heard this, his walking pace slowed down. He glanced faintly at Qi Shan and lowered his head to adjust his cuffs, not saying a single word. Qi Shan thought that he had succeeded and tried his luck. “So, the two months of training… Boss, maybe you could…”

    “Hmm.” Huo Beichen nodded.

    Qi Shan smiled. “Hey, don’t need to abolish the two months of training. Just discount one month for me.”

    Huo Beichen replied, “Oh. Then make it one month.”

    Qi Shan’s eyes gleamed with excitement, but Huo Beichen continued, “I see that you’re quite free. Stay for another month.”

    Qi Shan was about to burst into tears as he looked at Su Ye and asked, “What’s going on here?”

    Su Ye glanced at the graceful Ning Meng. She was talking to Li Shiyao in a soft voice, and he smiled bitterly.

    “I think our surprise was not very successful. The missus was not scared at all.”

    It was true that Ning Meng was not scared. When watching the movie, there had been some fear, but she only felt excitement after the movie. She was talking to Li Shiyao. “Let me send you home.”

    Li Shiyao waved to decline the offer. “There’s no need.”

    Fei Bai came over. “Then, I’ll send you home?”

    Li Shiyao froze up when she heard this. She immediately went straight to Zhen Shanmei’s side and held onto the latter’s arm. “Mei Mei, will you send me home?”

    Zhen Shanmei was still feeling fearful, but since there would be someone accompanying her now, she nodded. They then both quickly got into the car and left immediately. Fei Bai looked at the rear of the car which was at quite a distance by now and curiously asked Su Ye, “Is she not afraid of ghosts?”

    Su Ye pursed his lips and told him the grim reality. “It’s quite obvious that she is more afraid of you as compared to ghosts.”



    Qi Shan, Su Ye, and Fei Bai had so much fun that they did not stop walking, leaving the place immediately. After the three stooges had left, Ning Meng then noticed Huo Beichen. The basement carpark had poor lighting and was dimly lit, and he stood there with his big stature. She could not tell if there was anything amiss, but he was holding his chin high, not saying a word.

    Ning Meng waved. “I’ll guess I’ll head home?”

    Huo Beichen coughed. “Tonight’s movie…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, Ning Meng excitedly cut in. “It was not thrilling enough. We need to watch something scarier!”


    “I’m really going, now?”

    Huo Beichen nodded.

    Ning Meng turned her head and took two steps. Then, she turned around abruptly to scare him.


    The man went stiff but did not show any other expression. Seeing the playfulness in her eyes, he knew that she was teasing him.

    Still as spoilt as always…

    Ning Meng was surprised. “You’re really not scared?”

    The man held his chin up, and in order to defend his honor, he nodded once again.

    “Okay, then. Goodbye!”

    He watched Ning Meng getting into her car before walking toward his Cadillac. He stopped after a few steps, suddenly lowering his head and chuckling slightly.

    Ning Meng was about to turn on her engine when she heard a knock on her car window. She wound the window down and saw him standing there with a faint smile.

    “I admit that I am a bit scared. So, can I spend the night at yours today?”