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Chapter 240 - My Husband Is a Loyal Dog~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 240: My Husband Is a Loyal Dog~

    The man stood quietly next to her car window and bent down slightly. His perfectly crafted facial features were close in front of her, making her heart skip a beat. As Ning Meng started to panic, the man did not intend to give her any chance to decline.

    “I’ll take your silence as a yes.”

    After saying this, he stood straight, circled the car from the front to open the passenger’s car door, and took his seat. The only sound that could be heard in the car was his clear breathing. He calmly put on his seatbelt and looked at Ning Meng who was still in a daze.

    “You can turn on the engine.”

    ‘Do I look like a driver to you?’

    Although she was complaining in her heart, she turned the key and stepped on the accelerator. The car was silent throughout the journey as neither of them said a word. The environment had turned awkward and Ning Meng thought of him wanting to go to Yuxiu Garden. Both of them would be sharing a room alone, and then with a passionate…

    Ning Meng’s ears flushed red. Huo Beichen suddenly spoke.

    “What are you thinking about?”

    Obviously, she could not tell him her current thoughts! However, they had finally broken the ice from the awkward silence, so it would not be good to leave the conversation cold.

    “Thinking that you should smile more.”


    “You do have such a handsome face after all. What a waste if you don’t smile more~”


    Huo Beichen broke into a faint laugh. His smile was so alluring that it would make one feel as though the moonlight had grown slightly dimmer.

    Ning Meng felt mischievous and tried to look for a conversation topic.

    “Lord Chen, if we ever run out of money, we can sell your smiles. We will count by the head. That way, we are sure to be able to maintain this lifestyle.”

    “Not at all.” He answered her in a low tone.


    He narrowed his eyes. “There will never be insufficient money. I’ve promised you before that I will earn a lot of money so that you can spend it freely.”

    Ning Meng was stunned. Why could she not remember such a thing? As she was searching through her memory, he continued, “Also, I won’t sell my smiles.”

    He turned to look at her. “I will only smile for you.”


    ‘Don’t say anymore, brother! I can’t stand this anymore! I can feel my nose heating up, I’m going to have a nosebleed soon, ahhhh!’

    Ning Meng never knew that when this man turned into a loyal dog, his words would become more irresistible by the minute. She had initially planned for them to sleep in separate rooms. One in the bedroom, one in the study room. That way, there would not be any incidents, but if he continued to tease her this way, she could not guarantee that that would be the scenario anymore!

    The car soon arrived at Yuxiu Garden, and Ning Meng parked her car and they both went up the stairs. She walked in front with guilt plastered all over her face as if she had stolen something. She glanced backward for a bit and saw Huo Beichen plodding from behind. He had even taken the time to greet the security guard on patrol. When they entered the lift, Ning Meng suppressed her voice.

    “Can you not be faster? We’ve been seen!”


    He answered in a husky smile with a smug on his face. “Missus, may I remind you that we are legally married.”


    That’s right, they were married. What was there to be afraid of?

    Still, she refused to admit defeat. When the elevator had reached their floor, she suddenly dragged Huo Beichen’s necktie, walking out of the elevator backward while facing him, her peach blossom eyes flirting ambiguously.

    “Little brother, how much for a night?”

    Huo Beichen lowered his eyes and slowly followed her out, but his body was suddenly frozen stiff.

    Ning Meng was stunned to see this, so she turned her head, only to see Ning Wentao holding a cake as he stood in front of her door.


    She immediately panicked. “Dad! I can explain…”

    Ning Wentao raised his hand to stop her from speaking further.

    “Meng Meng, dad understands. It’s your birthday today, you must let loose! I’ll cover up for you and won’t let Mr. Huo know.”

    Right when he said this, his eyes landed on Huo Beichen who had just walked into view…