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Chapter 241 - Son-In-Law!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 241: Son-In-Law!

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    Ning Wentao’s eyes widened in shock. “Sh*t!”

    He would never swear in front of Ning Meng, so for him to blurt this out showed how astonished he was. He took a few steps forward and walked toward Huo Beichen as he scanned the latter twice from top to bottom.

    “Meng Meng, how did you manage to find this person? He looks just like Mr. Huo! Is this the effect of makeup? Or does he naturally look like this? Is he a new artist in our company?”

    Ning Meng did not need to take a look at Lord Chen’s expression, she could already feel his intimidating aura oozing out. She desperately wanted to stop Ning Wentao from spewing more nonsense, but he patted her on her shoulders reassuringly and continued, “Not bad. Although, how deep is your grudge against Huo Beichen that you would need to find such a person? Are you guys going for captive play? Or uniform temptation?”

    Ning Meng quickly cut in. “Dad, he  Lord Chen!”

    Ning Wentao laughed, refusing to believe what she had just said.

    “Don’t lie to me. If this really was Mr. Huo, would you even dare to say that? Also, since when was Huo Beichen so obedient?”

    After he had said this, he scanned the man across him again while clicking his tongue and complaining. “He’s too cold for his own sake. He calls me father-in-law whenever we meet, but, hmph. Who wouldn’t have figured out that that was all only for display? Would he still act as official if we were more familiar with each other?”

    Before she could say anything, Huo Beichen spoke in his low voice.



    Huo Beichen’s eyes were cold as he looked at Ning Wentao.

    “Why… Why even his voice sounds similar? Ha… Ha…”

    A moment of realization dawned upon him, and his smile turned into one of embarrassment. He quickly turned his words around.

    “Meng Meng, you cannot offend Mr. Huo in any way! Do you understand? Everything I just said was a joke. How could I not recognize my own son-in-law? I’m just testing your self-control! That’s what’s happening!”

    “Also, Meng Meng, looking at you now, relax a bit tonight, alright. Don’t overwork Mr. Huo.”


    Ning Meng had never seen such an inconsistent father! Also, what did he mean by “relax a bit”? It was as if  was the excited one!

    Ning Wentao handed the cake over to her.

    “One more thing. Later, if you have done too much exercise and become hungry, you can eat some of this cake! I’m an old folk now and cannot stay up too late, I’ll get going first!”



    “So, Lord Chen left in the end?”

    The next afternoon in a café, Zhen Shanmei asked in shock.

    Ning Meng stirred her coffee. “What else could he do if he did not leave?”

    Zhan Shanmei drank some of her coffee, the milk foam staining her lips.

    “Well, your dad  kinda spoil the mood. But why do you sound disappointed?”

    Ning Meng held her chin.

    “If it were you, would you not be disappointed? You’ve arrived at your doorstep with your boyfriend, but then, he has to leave because the situation turned into an anti-climax.”

    Zhen Shanmei was about to nod when Ning Meng changed her mind.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that you don’t have a boyfriend.”


    Ning Meng stood up. “I’m going to the restroom.”

    “You’re quite unbelievable! You want to avoid paying the bills when there are only two coffees?!”

    Ning Meng rolled her eyes. “Am I such a sensitive person? Today’s bill is on me!”

    She pulled out a black credit card and put it on the table, lifting her head slightly.

    Zhen Shanmei was shocked to see this.

    “Where did you get this black credit card?”