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Chapter 219 - Memories Made People Cry (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 219: Memories Made People Cry (1)

    The man’s face was cold. There was anger in his black eyes. His gaze was like ice blades when he looked at Xu Weilai. It stabbed her body violently. He moved his thin lips and the words he said were even more cold-blooded and heartless. “If not? Were you hoping that it was Rong Wang?”

    Xu Weilai clenched her fist even tighter. She pursed her lips furiously.

    Even though Gu Yu’s words were unpleasant to hear, she still heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. At least she didn’t get violated by that bastard Rong Wang.

    As far as she knew, Gu Yu saved her and brought her there.

    Xu Weilai mentally straightened out the list of events that had happened. She licked her dried lips lightly and said in a low voice. “Gu Yu, thank you for saving me. But… I didn’t do anything to betray you.”

    “If you dared, do you think you’ll still be able to sit here alive?”

    Gu Yu’s voice was still vicious. He glared at Xu Weilai, whose face was pale. The flames of anger built up in his chest caused him to speak extremely impolitely. “Xu Weilai, this is already the second time. Other people have work too but as for you, you’re risking your life for your job. Why? Do you want to die or do you think that sacrificing your life for society is a mighty feat that gives you a huge sense of achievement? Do you want people to respect you?”

    Xu Weilai wasn’t surprised that the words Gu Yu said were so unpleasant. She was already heavily wounded by the things he said in the past. Hence, she formed some resistance to it. But… he could humiliate her but she wouldn’t allow him to look down on her beliefs!

    In the past… he used to support her unconditionally.

    Ever since she was young, she had a sense of righteousness. She would stand up for justice when she saw someone being treated unfairly. Even though her strength was insignificant, she would still try her best.

    When she entered university, she chose journalism without any hesitation. She wanted to become a reporter, a reporter that could and dared to reveal the dark side of society. She had always moved towards her goal resolutely.

    In university, she always ran around to gather news part-time and would anonymously send pieces of news to newspaper agencies. Many times, she had breaking news but they were suppressed by evil forces so she was unable to seek justice for the victim. After she got together with Gu Yu, he did something that made her exceptionally touched.

    Gu Yu went to law school and even took the exam to become a lawyer.

    He said that since she wanted to uphold justice, he would be her strongest support. She just needed to charge and he would block all the attacks for her. After that, they could still bring justice to the victim~

    At that time, she even teased and said she was the magistrate and Gu Yu would be the bodyguard and assistant standing beside her.

    Memories made people cry… Xu Weilai viciously restrained the bitterness that was gushing up her throat. However, there was still a faint layer of tears that lined her eyes.

    “Gu Yu, this isn’t your first time knowing how much I love this job. Even if you look down on it, I don’t mind. From the moment I entered this industry, I knew that it was dangerous and I’ve already mentally prepared myself for it. If I’m afraid of danger, I would not have become a reporter! I really thank you for saving me. But… even if I was really violated, I won’t blame anyone!”

    “I will gather evidence and sue this person in court. I will let him pay the price for his mistake and get justice for myself!”

    “Yes, how pleasant to listen to,” Gu Yu scoffed. His expression turned even darker. “Are you doing it for justice or are you doing it to earn more money!”