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Chapter 224 - She Came Here to Cause Trouble?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 224: She Came Here to Cause Trouble?

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    Tang Yiyi giggled and looked at Tang Jinyu. “How could you be tricked if you weren’t thinking about her?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and pursed his lips. He did not want to talk about it.

    “Let’s go back now.”

    Tang Yiyi tidied up her documents and took her handbag. She followed him from behind, still not giving up on the topic they were talking about.

    “Brother, your little cutie is quite a protective person.”

    Tang Jinyu did not say anything and continued walking quietly.

    Tang Yiyi held onto his elbow to see if there were any reactions on his face. She smiled and asked, “She must be quite a good fighter!”

    “What do you want to say?”

    Tang Jinyu asked.

    “I just want to know if she could take down five people on her own.” Tang Yiyi replied.

    “Did she hit someone?”

    Tang Yiyi smiled. “Nope. I’m just asking if she could take down five of our company’s security guards?”

    Tang Jinyu stared at Tang Yiyi for a while and replied, “Yes!”

    Tang Yiyi raised her eyebrows. Such a confident answer!

    It seemed like those injuries on the five managers were all caused by Jian Qi!

    She caught the fear and terror in the eyes of the five managers when they looked at Coco.

    In fact, their arguments were so heated up before the she came back, and when she did they all had their mouthts shut!

    They must be afraid of Jian Qi!

    She was just curious what else Jian Qi had said other than beating them up.

    How did she make them shut up and even give up on what they wanted?

    “What are you thinking about?” Tang Jinyu noticed that Tang Yiyi had a weird smile on her face. “Did she come here to cause trouble?”

    “Definitely not!” Tang Yiyi calmly shook her head.

    After all, Jian Qi might be her future sister-in-law so she had to keep mum.

    In fact, whatever she did would make them pick on Coco less and she would not have to be so worried about it. It was a good thing!

    Tang Jinyu did not believe Tang Yiyi’s denial.

    But he did not ask anymore questions.

    Coming out from the office, Jian Qi and Coco were about to go for supper.

    Coco was still very curious as to what happened.

    “What do you think happened to the five of them?”

    “What do you mean what happened?” Jian Qi looked at him and acted curious.

    “Don’t you think it’s weird that they would quit fighting for the perfume advertisement after being beaten up?” Coco frowned in confusion.

    “The five of them had always been so arrogant thinking that they are the seniors in the office and that they have a certain amount of fame. They have never thought about anyone else. Making them keep their mouths shut wasn’t an easy task!”

    “The point is, they kept their mouths shut!”

    Jian Qi looked at Coco while hiding her smile. “Probably someone who couldn’t take it anymore and decided to make them suffer for what they deserve!”

    Coco looked at her. “It really wasn’t you?”

    “Great Coco, how could a weak little girl like me fight them? Are you still suspicious of me?” Jian Qi looked at him all upset. “I’m sad.”

    “Haven’t you already trained in the army for quite some time?”

    Jian Qi took a deep breath. “Military armies aren’t supposed to beat up people or else our Instructor Tang would kill us!”

    “But I still suspect you did it!” Coco frowned.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “There, there, you’re thinking too much!” Jian Qi gently caressed his iconic red hair.

    “Stop that!” Coco swiped off her hands. “Stop flirting with Tang Jinyu, okay?”