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Chapter 225 - Little Tang Tang, You Must Have Followed Me Here

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 225: Little Tang Tang, You Must Have Followed Me Here

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    “Why?” Jian Qi laughed. “Is Great Coco jealous? When did you become straight?”

    Coco. “…”

    This girl is really asking for a beating!

    “By the way, you have been managing Qiao Bo for a while now. Are you moved by his beautiful face?” Jian Qi asked curiously.

    “Student Jian Qiqi, are you happy being such a nuisance?” Coco glared at her.

    Jian Qi smiled. “Well, it seems that you’re not interested. How disappointing!”

    Coco ignored her. This girl was extremely annoying!

    Jian Qi wanted to have some barbeque and the both of them stopped at a roadside barbeque stall.

    Tang Yiyi asked Tang Jinyu to the go office so that he could wait for her outside the meeting room. She did not expect him to be so ‘caring’ that he waited for her at her office instead.

    He missed the chance of seeing Jian Qi there and she felt that her effort was wasted.

    However, fate could be very miraculous sometimes.

    They passed by the stall and stopped at the traffic light. She looked out the window and saw Coco eating barbeque at the roadside stall with Jian Qi.

    “Brother, I want to eat some barbeque. Why don’t you stop at the side and we can have some food,” Tang Yiyi smiled excitedly.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. “I thought that you don’t like junk food?”

    “It’s alright to have some once in a while!” Tang Yiyi answered calmly.

    Tang Jinyu shook his head and stopped his car by the road.

    They both got down from the car and Tang Yiyi held Tang Jinyu’s arm as they walked toward the stall on the opposite side of the road.

    Tang Yiyi was in a hurry whereas Tang Jinyu was looking out for cars. “Can you be more careful when you’re crossing the road?”

    “I’ll be fine as long as Brother is here!” Tang Yiyi smiled.

    She trusted him unconditionally. It was as if she was used to depending on him.

    “If I’m not around, you should be careful!” Tang Jinyu reminded her.

    Tang Yiyi smiled and nodded but she was looking at Jian Qi.

    The closer they were to the stall, Tang Jinyu naturally noticed that Jian Qi was there.

    He looked at Tang Yiyi and he knew why she wanted to eat barbecue!

    “Miss Jian, what a coincidence!” Tang Yiyi smiled at her kindly.

    Jian Qi was still holding a skewer when she heard a familiar voice. She looked to the side and saw Tang Jinyu beside her.

    “Indeed!” Jian Qi politely smiled back at Tang Yiyi and she looked at Tang Jinyu who was standing beside her. “Little Tang Tang, you must have followed me here!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her without any emotions on his face, and as if he suddenly remembered something, he asked, “Is this what you meant when you said that you won’t have an appetite?”

    Jian Qi was stunned for a few seconds and she immediately knew what he was talking about. “It is because I see you here so I’m instantly fine!”

    Tang Yiyi and Coco did not understand what they were talking about.

    But Tang Yiyi knew that something was up with the two of them!

    “Can we sit together?” Tang Yiyi asked.

    “Of course!” Jian Qi smiled politely and looked at Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu pursed his lips.

    Jian Qi smirked and teased Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, why do you seem upset?”

    “My brother is very happy. He wanted to drop by when he saw you here,” Tang Yiyi smiled. Her lie was as smooth as silk.

    How would Jian Qi not know the kind of person Tang Jinyu really was?

    If Tang Jinyu had actually seen her, he would not stop the car. Instead, he would immediately step on the accelerator and run off!