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Chapter 875 - Just Take It Take I’m Bored

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 875: Just Take It Take I’m Bored

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    Wen Haowen still did not know that Old Mr. Wen had already assigned Secretary Cao to assist her. Neither did he know that all of the attacks on the Xiao Family were planned by her. He actually naively believed that Old Mr. Wen was the one who had devised the schemes out of anger. Hence, he was rather confident and smug about the matter.

    The Xiao Family was in dire straits and he obviously had no time to care about the Jiang family. It was much worse for the Jiang family. Not only were they facing financial problems, but lots of their employees and C-suites had also been quitting to join other companies.

    The Jiang Family was in hot soup and they cursed the Xiao and Wen families.

    Jiang Shaofeng again brought his wife Su Jinshan and his daughter Jiang Ruoyin to pay the Wen Family a visit, only to be denied entry.

    Wen Xinya genuinely disliked the way that the Jiang family was behaving. In her previous lifetime, Jiang Shaofeng and the Xiao Family also colluded to work against the Wen Family, after which the Xiao Family encroached on the Jiang Family, causing them to end up in a terrible predicament.

    Wen Xinya shifted her gaze onto the viburnum flowers outside the window. It was already June and the once snowy and flawless flowers had already withered. All that was left was green leaves.

    The sound of her ringtone disrupted the peace in the room and Wen Xinya quickly whipped it out to take a look at the caller display, only to see that it was a call from Xu Zhenyu. Glee was written all over her face and she frantically answered the call, “Hello, Military Major Xu, how are you so free to have the time to call me?”

    They had been contacting each other ever since Xu Zhenyu returned to the military camp in the West, though not frequently. It was because of the fact that Xu Zhenyu was busy with training and accomplishing tasks. However… he could at least contact her, and Wen Xinya was glad enough to be able to find out about his condition.

    Xu Zhenyu whistled into the microphone of his mobile phone and said, “Hey! Just take it that I’m bored.”

    Xu Zhenyu gave Wen Xinya a call as soon as he returned to the base camp after completing a mission. He did not even bother changing out of his bloodstained uniform.

    At this moment, Xu Zhenyu’s comrades began teasing him by whistling.

    After returning from the city with Xu Zhenyu, Xiao Huang told them about the girl that the latter fancied. He told them that she was the heiress of a wealthy family, who was pretty and unique. They would often witness Xu Zhenyu smiling foolishly at her photo.

    Upon hearing the ruckus going on on the other end of the line, Wen Xinya asked in confusion, “Xu-er, why is it so noisy on your side?”

    Upon hearing her words, Xu Zhenyu put the phone down and hollered at his comrades. “You guys are so uncouth. I’m just making a call. Why are you making such a fuss? Go, go, go… do whatever you have to do and stop disturbing me. I can’t even hear the words clearly.”

    The crowd dispersed.

    Xu Zhenyu turned red after hearing their discussion.

    Wen Xinya heard his loud barking as well as the crowd cheering on. Her lips curled into a smile and she thought to herself,

    Xu Zhenyu placed the mobile phone near his ear and exclaimed, “Those rascals were making a din. They’re gone now!”

    He regretted his decision to bring Xiao Huang back with him because ever since they returned, the big-mouthed Xiao Huang had been spreading nonsense about him and Wen Xinya. As a result, everyone in the military would tease him about it.

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and said, “Your comrades are adorable.”

    She genuinely meant what she said. When she was in the hospital previously, Xu Zhenyu had once brought his comrades with him to the hospital to visit her. Back then, she had a strong impression of Xiao Huang.

    Displeased, Xu Zhenyu said, “Those rascals are so big-mouthed. All they do is gossip. How annoying.”

    They even sneaked a peek at the photo of Wen Xinya beneath his pillow.

    Wen Xinya could not hide her smile at all. The better Xu Zhenyu’s predicament was, the happier she would be.

    Xu Zhenyu continued to blabber on and on about some of the military matters, including the blood, sweat, and tears he had put in, as well as his determination and ideas. He also… wanted to defend the country…

    Stories that involved bloodshed were the most interesting and awe-inspiring.

    Wen Xinya was thoroughly enjoying them.

    After talking for a while, Xu Zhenyu changed the subject and said, “By the way, Chick, you didn’t let Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya harm you while I was away, did you?”

    He was the most worried about those two villains.

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter and said, “Xu-er, you’ve belittled me. How could Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya be my match? How could I possibly let them harm me?”

    She knew right away that he had not been paying attention to the news in the city.

    Xu Zhenyu guffawed and said, “Hahaha! That’s good.”

    Wen Xinya crinkled her nose smugly.

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly said, “By the way, there have been updates about my transfer. I’m guessing I can return to the city soon.”

    Xu Zhenyu was not as happy as he thought he would be. Having stayed there for three years, he had already gotten close to his comrades and gotten used to drinking, eating, chatting and going through thick and thin with them. Their friendship and bond was genuine and simple. Yet, he was about to leave them for the sake of his love and a better future.

    Obviously thrilled to hear the piece of good news, Wen Xinya asked, “Really? When will you be able to come back?”

    Although Xu Zhenyu was doing well in the West, she still hoped that he would be able to return to the city. Although they could not be as close as they used to be in their previous lifetime, she still wanted to see him achieve success.

    Wen Xinya’s happiness got rid of Xu Zhenyu’s melancholy. He smiled and said, “They haven’t settled on a specific date, but it’s going to be within the next few months.”

    Although his grandfather wanted him to stay in the West for a little longer to accumulate more experience, he could not stop Xu Zhenyu from being insistent. Hence, he had no choice but to agree.

    In high spirits, Wen Xinya said, “You must inform me when you’re back, I’ll go pick you up at the airport.”

    When Xu Zhenyu came back the previous time, she was too busy preparing for her coming-of-age ceremony and hence, did not pick him up at the airport. In the end, she felt like she had let him down.

    Xu Zhenyu said, “Wen Xinya, you’d better wait for me to return. Once I’m back, I’ll support you and no one will dare to bully me.”

    Wen Xinya giggled and teased. “Wow, wow, Xu-er, you’re going to be my backer? Your identity as a military major won’t be enough!”

    Wen Xinya was goading him on purpose.

    Xu Zhenyu said indignantly, “Give me ten years. I’ll definitely become a Major General.”

    Wen Xinya was filled with joy after hearing his confident words.