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Chapter 876 - A Demon Disguised as an Angel

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 876: A Demon Disguised as an Angel

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    Xia Ruya had been paying attention to the matters going on in the Xiao Family and Wen Family. Ever since it was exposed that the Xiao Family had used Yang Ziyu to plot against the Wen Family, she knew that Wen Xinya must have been the one behind it. Having lived with the Wen Family for 20 years, she understood each and every member very well, including the way they handled things.

    Of course, Wen Xinya was an exception!

    She recalled the time when she got into a conflict with Wen Xinya, including each and every detail. After analyzing everything, she would write down all of the strategies on the paper and she could even accurately guess Wen Xinya’s moves and whereabouts.

    She deduced that the person behind Wen Xinya was the reason for everything. Hence, she did everything she could to investigate and find out about him, but to no avail.

    People were often fearful of the unknown, and Xia Ruya was no different.

    The thought of Wen Xinya ruining the once-enormously-wealthy Xiao Family and almost causing them to lose their foundation, made Xia Ruya feel a cold chill down his spine. She began to feel more and more worried.

    They often say that worry causes health issues.

    She had just recovered from a cold and yet, she fell ill again two days later. Due to the fact that it had dragged on for too long previously, she ended up suffering a great deal. Hence, she headed straight to the hospital as soon as she felt uncomfortable.

    After giving her a physical examination, the doctor prescribed her with some medicine. She then paid for the consultation and collected her medication before leaving the hospital.

    However, she chanced upon a wheelchair all of a sudden when she was in the corridor of the hospital.

    Xia Ruya’s blank and hollow eyes widened in shock, and horror was written all over her face. She looked even paler than she already was. She quivered and her slender body swayed unsteadily, resembling a withered flower.

    It was… that man in black!

    It turns out he didn’t die!

    The images of herself getting raped, replayed in her head over and over again. All she could remember was crying, screaming, pleading, shrieking, yelling and scolding the man… everything was chaotic!

    Noticing that she was standing rooted to the ground with a sullen expression on her face, the nurse frantically asked, “Miss, Miss, are you alright?”

    Xia Ruya snapped out of her trance and blinked. Tears welled up in her eyes immediately and she looked extremely pitiful and vulnerable. “I’m sorry… I just thought about something.”

    The nurse had seen plenty of people like her who had given up on life. Hence, she was not too surprised to see him.

    After recovering from the shock, Xia Ruya felt a subconscious fear of being recognized and hence, got an urge to leave, for she did not want to see that man at all. His eyes were glassed over and there was still some saliva on his mouth, and he was smiling at the nurse while biting his finger.

    She instinctively screamed and wondered if he had actually recognized her.

    The nurse quickly said, “Miss, don’t be afraid. That patient has hurt his head because of a severe impact and became mentally retarded because he didn’t receive treatment in time after suffering excessive blood loss. He now has the IQ of a three-year-old.”

    1Greatly taken aback, Xia Ruya frantically asked, “Are there any chances of him recovering?”

    She was just thinking about how to get rid of the four abductors, especially the man in black who had raped her. She wanted her secret to be kept hidden forever. Yet, Heaven was on her side and turned that man into a retard. In that case… she no longer had to kill him.

    The nurse shook her head and said, “The doctor has already confirmed that he will never recover.”

    Xia Ruya tried to hold back the urge to smile and pretended to be sad.

    There was finally something that she could be happy about.

    After leaving the hospital, Xia Ruya headed to a mobile phone store and bought a mobile phone for 2,000 yuan. She then put her secret SIM card into the mobile phone and logged onto a website. At the instant that she did, the screen turned blank and a white bloodied skull appeared, appearing terrifying and covered in blood.

    Xia Ruya contacted a person who had a purple diamond as her profile photo. “Are you interested in a business deal?”

    A long while later, the anonymous person answered, “I’m sure you know the rules of the Purple Diamond!”

    Xia Ruya answered, “10 million yuan!”

    The person asked, “What business deal?”

    Xia Ruya squinted and her eyes formed a straight line. “Help me get rid of some people. You must do it fast and sharp. It’s best if you can make it look like an accident.”

    She could not let anyone else find out about her secret, and now that the man in black had become a retard, the police would definitely investigate thoroughly and she would definitely be implicated sooner or later.

    She could not allow that to happen at all.

    She had to leave no stones unturned.

    The anonymous person remained silent for a while, seemingly giving it some consideration.

    Xia Ruya immediately provided the person with the details of the abductors, which she had found out after some discreet investigation. “So? Are you going to take it or not?”

    She was confident that the anonymous person would definitely agree because the abductors were merely gangsters and were not involved in any power struggle, and they often committed vices like fraud, rape and extortion. Hence, they were prone to all sorts of accidents and she could stay innocent.

    Indeed, the person answered, “Sure!”

    Xia Ruya smiled, looking pale and terrifying. She put in her request and said, “I’ll be transferring 5 million yuan to your account in advance. The remaining 5 million will be transferred after the deed is done.”

    No one knew that she had an anonymous Swiss bank account which would make it impossible for the police to find out about any transfers.

    “Okay, deal. Wait for my good news.”

    Xia Ruya switched off the chat bubble and erased the traces of the website in her browser history, after which she headed to a bar and used some web tools to erase all information that would trace back to her on the internet.

    Xia Ruya stood quietly on the streets. Due to her illness, she became much thinner than before, making her look sick yet pretty. She looked rather feeble and vulnerable, giving others an urge to take sympathy on her.

    The white dress she was wearing made her look like an angel.