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Chapter 211 - Accidental Discharge

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 211: Accidental Discharge

    Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes slightly as he calmly gazed at the silver-haired young man. “Obstruction of justice is a crime as well, so hurry up and ask your men to back off!”


    Being held at gunpoint, the silver-haired young man couldn’t help but roughly swallow. Cold sweat cascaded down his body. He quickly calmed down. From what he remembered, he had never met a cop who would actually pull the trigger. They all merely used a gun to intimidate people and dared not even put their finger on the trigger.

    Thinking of that, disdain appeared on his face. Furthermore, it was a good opportunity to build a tough reputation in front of his subordinates. He immediately and recklessly said to Xiao Luo, “Do you think you’re badass just because you have a gun? Pull the trigger, I dare you. Do you have the f*cking courage to do it?”

    “Dumbass cops, unholstering their guns at any opportunity.”

    “They never change their method of intimidating people.”

    “Pull the trigger if you dare, dumbass!”

    The other people all had mocking smiles on their faces. Someone even blew a large bubble with the bubblegum he was chewing and completely disregarded Xiao Luo, a community police officer.

    Xiao Luo calmly smiled and pointed his gun downwards. Without thinking, he pulled the trigger. He was aiming at the thigh of the silver-haired young man.


    With a piercing gunshot, the silver-haired young man’s thigh was penetrated by the bullet. It quickly formed a bloody hole. Blood gushed out. It was so painful that he howled as he fell to the ground. It was too painful. Along with his thigh being penetrated, his femur had snapped due to the bullet’s violent impact.


    The expression of everyone present froze. They each took in a deep, cold breath. They hadn’t expected it in the slightest that Xiao Luo would pull the trigger. Was this man, who had pulled the trigger as he pleased, really a cop?

    Xiao Luo’s cold gaze scanned over the others. “I have just joined the police force. I don’t know who you all are and have no intention of finding out. If you dare to hinder me from performing my duties any further, I will send all of you to the police station. Now, get out of the way!”

    His final yell shocked the group of minor gangsters so much that their bodies trembled. They instinctively made way for him. Other than being shocked by Xiao Luo’s fierce stance, they were more wary of his identity as a newbie cop. F*ck, no wonder he dared to pull the trigger! He is just a total newbie! Anyone who dared to speak up would definitely be shot like their superior.

    “Wang Lihu, handcuff this fella here with his hair dyed silver and take him back to the police station!” Xiao Luo shouted at Wang Lihu.

    “Yes, Sir!”

    Wang Lihu loudly replied.

    “It’s satisfying to work with our head guy. I haven’t felt so at ease in a long time.”

    After Liu Tieguo spoke to Ye Qiu, he immediately ran forward and handcuffed the silver-haired young man.

    The silver-haired young man had been shot once and could hardly bear the pain. After Wang Lihu handcuffed him and helped him up, to not lose face in front of his subordinates, he glared at Xiao Luo angrily and yelled, “I have taken note of your serial number! Just wait and see! I will kill your whole family!”

    His unharmed right leg viciously kicked Xiao Luo.

    He swore to God that he was only doing that action without any actual intention of kicking Xiao Luo. He just wanted to make himself look tough and unafraid of the cops, that was all. Without warning, Xiao Luo shot his thigh again.


    The burning bullet dug right into the silver-haired young man’s thigh, creating another bloody hole. The intense pain caused the silver-haired young man to shriek at the top of his lungs.

    The two shots had crippled both of the silver-haired young man’s legs and completely shocked everyone.

    Everyone now knew how vicious Xiao Luo was. At the moment, no one dared to look at Xiao Luo with contempt anymore. How can he be a cop? He was clearly more vicious than them, and they were involved in gangs.

    The silver-haired young man lifted his head and looked at Xiao Luo in fear. “I… I am already handcuffed, you… you…”

    He had already been subdued, so why did Xiao Luo shoot him again? It was not at all in line with the regulations regarding the police department’s usage of guns.

    Xiao Luo raised an eyebrow and innocently said, “Sorry, I’m a newbie. The gun accidentally discharged when my hand trembled. If you continue to behave aggressively, I feel that my gun may accidentally discharge again!”

    Accidental discharge?

    F*ck you!

    The silver-haired young man wanted to cry. He wanted to curse loudly even more, but he dared not. Even though Xiao Luo was smiling, he knew that the man in front of him was not like other cops. Xiao Luo was able to pull the trigger seemingly without worrying about the rules or anything else. The young man even believed that Xiao Luo was even capable of killing him with a single shot.

    Xiao Luo turned and looked at the lady in green. One look from him scared the woman so much that her body started to tremble.

    “Madam, can you now follow me back to the police station without causing any trouble?” he asked.

    The lady in green dared not say no. Her voice trembled as she said, “I… I will definitely hire a lawyer and sue you…”

    “Please, go ahead. It is your right.”

    Xiao Luo smiled slightly and asked Liu Tieguo and Ye Qiu to come over and take the woman back to the police station.

    Before leaving, he turned to the 30-plus, low-level gangsters of the Dragon Gang and said, “Oh right, my name is Xiao Luo. Tell Han Main, yes, I think he is called Han Mian, tell him that I will be coming to arrest him soon, so he should hurry up if he has any unfinished business.”

    He left the mall without looking back.

    The 30-plus, low-level gangsters of the Dragon Gang stood stunned where they stood. Han Mian was none other than the lord protector of the Dragon Gang. How dare Xiao Luo directly address him by the name! What on earth was the background of this fella?

    The lady in yellow was secretly relieved that she was the weaker party. Otherwise, it would have been her men who had gotten shot. Of course, she didn’t know the past affairs between Xiao Luo and the Dragon Gang. If she had known, she wouldn’t have thought of it that way. Regardless of whether the Dragon Gang was the weaker party or the stronger one, Xiao Luo would target them.

    “He’s quite an interesting cop. I wonder how long he will stay interesting,” she murmured as she watched Xiao Luo leave.


    “Oh no, oh no, this Xiao Luo has caused us trouble!”

    After learning that Xiao Luo fired his gun in the mall, the instructor barged into the chief’s office as agitated as a cat on hot bricks.

    “Chill, I’ve already heard about it. It’s not that serious. Our country’s laws clearly state that when another police officer, guard, the person or target being protected, or the law enforcement officer is attacked, damaged, or under urgent danger of being attacked or damaged, it is alright for the law enforcement officer to fire a gun. Xiao Luo fired three times. The first time was to stop a fight. The second time was to protect his safety, and the third time was still to protect his safety. All three shots were reasonably fired. How could it be considered causing us trouble? We just need to write a detailed report and submit it to the superiors.”

    Feng Yuqi held a cup of hot tea in his hand and slowly sipped it while sitting at his desk. He was very calm and steady.

    “You can continue siding with him, but if we let him continue fooling around, our police station will be dragged down with him.”

    The instructor couldn’t remain calm. In his eyes, Xiao Luo was not suited to be a cop. His actions and behavior weren’t simply disobedient. They were as forceful, overbearing, and vicious as gangsters. “I suggest that we revoke his qualification to bear arms and suspend him from the job. Otherwise, we will not be able to justify ourselves.”

    “Justify? Justify what?”

    “There are a bunch of lawyers down there blocking the entrance of the station, and they are all asking for you and me to go out and provide an explanation,” the instructor said. “They are insisting that Xiao Luo fired illegally. They have sent us attorney letters one after another. If we can’t get them to shut up, the district office will have to find a scapegoat. Other than Xiao Luo, you and I can hardly absolve ourselves of the blame either.”