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Chapter 245 - Brother Has an Idea~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 245: Brother Has an Idea~

    ‘What kind of annoying blackmail was this!?’

    Ning Meng’s face blushed red. Usually, these kinds of words would easily slip from her mouth, but this time, for some reason, she was unable to say it out loud. It did not help that he was seriously waiting for her to say this. They looked at each other for a good ten seconds, and finally, Ning Meng yielded.

    She had always called him Lord Chen, but since he wanted to demote his own rank…

    ‘Fine! I will call you that!’

    Ning Meng coughed and shouted out, “Brother!”

    Huo Beichen’s smile spread across his face as though he had just achieved victory.

    “Your voice is too soft. I can’t hear you.”


    ‘I really want to toss him into the river, argh!’

    Her face twitched as she mustered her courage once more to call out, “My good brother~”

    Her voice was hesitantly affectionate. Three out of ten points for gentleness, seven out of ten points for reluctance.

    ‘You scumbag! How dare you take advantage of the situation!! If this guy is still not satisfied, I will… I will… I will seize you!’

    He had probably noticed that she was about to explode, and so, Huo Beichen did not continue further and loosened his grip. Ning Meng took his coat and tied it around her waist to cover her pants. Once she was done, Huo Beichen got out and circled the car to go over to her side and opened the door.

    After Ning Meng had gotten off, she glanced into the car and felt embarrassed when she saw a dark stain on the seat. She nervously pulled at Huo Beichen’s sleeve.

    “What should we do?”

    It felt as though she had thrown her reputation out of the window! Huo Beichen patted her head.

    “Brother has an idea.”

    ‘Is this person addicted to this “brother” nickname? What is his good idea anyway?”

    While she was busy with her monologue, Huo Beichen opened the black bag. In it was a packet of sanitary pads and a packet of… tomato sauce?

    ‘What are you up to?’

    Huo Beichen opened the tomato sauce and poured it over the car seat. He then calmly gave an order to the driver.

    “Clean the car, some tomato sauce has been spilled.”

    The driver was baffled upon hearing this, not understanding what was going on. They had not eaten anything, but somehow, tomato sauce had been spilled onto the car seat. Regardless, the driver was well-trained to “don’t bother about the whys, just follow the orders of Mr. Huo”, and so, without any questions, he replied, “Yes, sir.”

    After the driver had left, Ning Meng was still feeling frantic and flustered.

    ‘How did this guy manage to have so many tricks up his sleeves??’

    Her lips twitched as she spoke. “Lord…”

    Before she could finish with “Chen”, a warning look flashed from his eyes, and she quickly changed her words.

    “…Brother, how did you come up with this?”

    Huo Beichen’s smile widened. He glanced over at Ning Meng and recalled something.

    “Someone taught me.”

    Ning Meng sang her praises. “This person must be a genius!”

    Huo Beichen looked at her and walked into the hospital lobby as he mumbled under his breath.


    His voice was so soft that the moment he spoke, the sound was dispersed by the wind, and Ning Meng did not hear what he had said. She could only see him, clad in a black shirt tucked into the pants of his perfect figure, his slender suave body was just too captivating, and she quickly chased after him.

    After entering the hospital, Huo Beichen asked for her identity card.

    “I’ll go and register, you wait here.”

    As this was a mild sickness, Huo Beichen did not bother looking for a specialist lest the little girl becomes embarrassed again. While Huo Beichen was at the reception, Ning Meng then remembered that she had not told him which area he needed to register her for, and she hurried to his side just in time to hear him say, “Gynecology Department, Endocrinology Clinic.”


    ‘Brother, why are you so familiar with this field?’

    While she was in a daze, the receptionist noticed Huo Beichen and smiled.

    “It’s you again?”