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Chapter 246 - 8 Years Ago, There Was a Boy…

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 246: 8 Years Ago, There Was a Boy…

    The staff at the reception was talking to him from behind the thick glass window, meaning, in other words, Ning Meng could not hear whatever the receptionist was saying.

    After getting a number from the reception, Huo Beichen brought her upstairs.

    Before heading to the clinic section, Ning Meng went to the washroom. After briefly cleaning herself up, she returned to Huo Beichen who was waiting for her in the outpatient area.

    As she was waiting for her turn to see the doctor, Ning Meng could hear two nurses chatting nearby.

    “Have all the hot men in the world become this much of a carebear recently?”

    “Oh, this isn’t news to me. I’ve even seen husbands bringing their wives here. Still, these two remind me of a certain handsome young boy years ago.”


    “Well, if I remember correctly, 8 years ago… a boy, around the age of 18, carried in a girl who was covered in blood. He was in a panic and kept yelling out ‘Please save her! Please save her!’ in the emergency area.”

    As the nurse was recalling the story, several people walked closer to hear more about it.

    One of the nurses laughed. “Oh my, could it be that the girl was on her period?”

    The 40-year-old nurse smiled as she continued the story. “Hahaha! Yes, that is correct. The girl was indeed on her period. After telling him what was going on, the boy was so embarrassed that he looked as though he could dig a tunnel and hide under our hospital here. Yet, he was still able to keep his cool and pulled up a poker face, asking ‘If she’s on her period, why did she faint? She has bled so much. Will she be alright?’ And after the doctor reassured him that the girl would be fine As long as she was kept warm and constantly hydrated… the boy looked at the doctor and… can you guess what he said next?”

    “What did he say?”

    The middle-aged nurse burst in a laugh before answering. “Well, he asked ‘then, do we need to treat her with styptics?’ Oh my, he was so adorable!”

    Upon hearing this, the audience who had gathered around the nurse began to laugh out loud.

    Ning Meng was also laughing hysterically as she grabbed Huo Beichen’s hand. “Hahaha!!! Styptics…!! This is so hilarious..!! Hahahaha!!!”


    Huo Beichen looked at the girl with a long face and asked, “What’s so funny about that?”


    Ning Meng’s laughing face froze after seeing his cold stare. “Well… it is a little wee bit funny, that’s all.”

    Seeing that her man did not seem satisfied with this answer, Ning Meng instantly stopped laughing and changed her tone. “Okay. It was indeed not funny at all.”

    Our dear Ning Meng’s survival instinct had gotten activated yet again.

    It was then that the doctor called out their number, summoning them into his office.

    After Ning Meng and Huo Beichen walked into the doctor’s office, the middle-aged nurse suddenly opened her mouth to speak again. “By the way, that man who just walked into the doctor’s office earlier… he looked a lot like that boy from 8 years ago.”

    A younger nurse who was standing next to her asked, “Oh, that guy in black? He’s so hot! What was he like 8 years ago?”

    The middle-aged nurse pondered for a moment before answering. “He was thin and tall. Quite a looker, to be honest! Despite seeming cold and distant, when he was taking care of his little girlfriend, he instantly turned into a warm and caring boy. Wait… now that I think about it, the woman who was with that man… she looked a lot like the little girl that boy carried in 8 years ago!”