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Chapter 162 - Selection of Top 20 Contestants

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 162: Selection of Top 20 Contestants

    “I respect you because you are my father. I know that you raised me, and that is an indisputable fact. But, Dad, can you really say that you have actually cared for me?”

    Su Cha asked seriously, she meant every word she said.

    Since her parents’ divorce, Su Cha’s memory of her family had blurred. She could not remember how her mother and father looked.

    When her step-mother entered the family, she gave birth to Su Cha’s stepbrother. Since a young age, Su Cha did not have much recollection of her parents.

    It had been three years since her family left her all alone in Yonggu Town.

    Su Cha could not remember how she died in her first life, but she recalled that she was all alone with no one by her side.

    In her second life, she struggled to survive in the palace. Her experience had taught her that power was more important than familial relationships.

    Coming back to this life, she felt no connection with her father.

    “I… I…”

    Su Mingzhe stuttered, he knew what Su Cha had said was the truth.

    Since he remarried, he had not spent any time disciplining his daughter.

    The birth of his son made Su Mingzhe extremely happy. His wife’s dislike for his daughter, coupled with his busy work schedule meant Su Mingzhe did not spend time bringing the family together.

    Besides, Su Cha had been slow and naive since youth. A vocal child would be able to get treats and attention by crying. But, Su Cha had always been quiet, so why would Su Zheming actually care?

    When his wife suggested that they leave Su Cha behind in Yonggu Town, Su Zheming agreed to it without giving it any thought.

    As he thought about it, Su Zheming realized that he really did not have any right to mingle with Su Cha’s life.

    However, he did not want to lose his authority as a father. He simply replied, “You have to come back after the release of your college entrance exam results! We will discuss this when you are home.”

    He immediately hung up afterward to prevent Su Cha from rebutting his words.

    Su Cha coldly smiled as she listened to the disconnect tone.


    Half of the city’s Top 50 had been selected from the 100 contestants. The rest would be chosen from the contestants who were in the holding area. These contestants would have to compete among themselves, only 25 contestants in the holding area would be selected. Su Cha was one of them.

    Before this, Su Cha had sold another piece of embroidered clothing.

    Due to time constraints, Su Cha could only embroider simple designs. The clothes were mainly T-shirts, skirts or sleeveless dresses.

    The white cotton materials had arrived. However, the material was unsuitable for advanced designs, and there was no time to embroider intricate patterns.

    With another 2000 yuan in her savings, Su Cha took part in the competition’s Top 50 selection round.

    As she had predicted, Yu Siqing did not dare to be too obvious in expressing her displeasure. Su Cha performed a simple love song and was awarded three passing votes from all the judges. With an easy win, Su Cha made it to the city’s Top 50.

    Due to unresolved issues with her personal style, Le Anqi was also in the holding area. After competing again, she also successfully made it into the Top 50.

    After successfully making it into the city’s Top 50, Le Anqi happily pulled Su Cha along for a big celebratory meal.

    The next round of competition would be another elimination round, the city’s Top 20 contestants will be selected. Also, the subsequent rounds for all the competition regions would be broadcasted live online.

    Although Yonggu Town was considered a smaller competition region, the competition would still be watched by a significant number of people.

    During the live broadcast, contestants would have to really display their talents during the performance without any mistakes. However, the program’s team would not be bothered by covert competition among the contestants. In fact, the program’s team was looking forward to them.

    Because the convert competition among the contestants could be used to create suspense and hype up the show.

    During this time, the program’s team had started to conduct one on one interviews with the Top 50 contestants. One of the interviewed contestants was Su Cha.