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Chapter 163 - The Top Three Most Popular Contestan

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 163: The Top Three Most Popular Contestant

    The selection of the Top 20 contestants was held on 23rd and 24th June, and the live broadcast was from 10 am to 7 pm.

    It would happen 2 days after the release of the college entrance examination results.

    The last round of competition would be the selection of the Top 10 contestants, and it would be held on 28th June. The Top 10 contestants would then enter by July for the final round of competition in the Imperial Capital.

    Among the contestants, some would sit for an Arts exam.

    The contestants had different preferences and skills. With more segments in the competition, the contestants would have more opportunities to showcase their talents. Besides, it was common for students to participate in the competition even before their Arts exam.

    After Su Cha entered the city’s Top 50, she went for an individual interview with the program’s team.

    As the interview segment was in its initial stage of development, there were no unusual questions asked. The key questions contestants were asked included what they thought of the other contestants, and which contestants they thought highly of.

    These interviews were opportunities for contestants to secure more screen time during the broadcasts. Interview opportunities were given by the program’s team to promising contestants they thought highly of.

    The program’s team had not staged any interactions, and all the answers given were the contestant’s real thoughts and opinions.

    If the contestants did not answer well, it will give them a disadvantage. The interviews were opportunities for contestants to show their perfection. It would be silly of the contestants to express their displeasure or criticize others during their interviews.

    Even if they did not have a contestant they thought highly of, they must name a few role models.

    The majority of the contestants did not like one another. After all, they were competitors, how could they like each other?

    Only a small majority of contestants would genuinely praise others.

    When Su cha was asked about a contestant she thought highly of, she replied without hesitation, “Jin Mou.”

    The interviewer immediately asked, “What do you like about her?”

    Su Cha: “She sings well.”

    Interviewer: “What else?”

    Su Cha: “Nothing else.”


    The interviewer laughed awkwardly, “Are there any other contestants you like?”

    Su Cha replied indifferently, “Le Anqi, and no one else.”

    To put it simply, her reply was simple and crude.

    Judging from her reply, the audience might perceive Su Cha to be arrogant.

    The program’s team knew that Su Cha and Le Anqi were friends, and they were often seen spending time together. Hence, it was not strange for Su Cha to name Le Anqi as a contestant she liked. But, for Su Cha to praise Jin Mou for her singing…

    That was unexpected.

    It was an indisputable fact that Jin Mou sang well. There were rumors that state that Jin Mou was the daughter of a real estate tycoon who spent a fortune to bribe the competition region’s judging panel.

    Jin Mou had an incredible singing ability. Her vocal range was different from Su Cha’s, and she could belt out high tones with a fantastic tremble. It could be said that she was the only contestant with such a phenomenal ability.

    However, Jin Mou was even more reserved than Su Cha. Jin Mou did not return greetings from other contestants, and most contestants did not choose Jin Mou as a contestant they liked. Most contestants named Mona as a contestant they like.

    Hence, Su Cha’s answer may be perceived by others as bootlicking.

    But, Su Cha did not care about the opinions of others. After her interview, she went home directly.

    After the interviews with the Top 50 contestants were filmed, the program’s team updated the contestants’ information on the competition’s official website.

    At this time, the disparities in the contestants’ popularity were apparent.

    The voting system on the official website was also refreshed. The voting system was designed like a water irrigation system. If the viewers like a particular contestant, they can vote for the contestant by adding a water droplet to the seedling under the contestant’s name.

    Hence, the speed at which the contestant’s seedlings grew signified their popularity. The more votes the contestants get, the faster their seedlings grow, and the higher their popularity.

    It could be said that the voting system was innovative and unique. After the voting system was refreshed, the popular contestants immediately stood out.

    To Su Cha’s surprise, she was among the top three most popular contestants in her city.

    What was more surprising was that Mona, Le Anqi, and Su Cha were the most popular contestants.