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Chapter 164 - Unexpected News

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 164: Unexpected News

    It was not surprising that Mona was ranked first in popularity in the competition region.

    During the competition, everyone realized that Mona was an extremely social person who could get along with anyone.

    Besides, she was a small influencer with a higher follower count than Le Anqi. However, Mona never boasted about her internet fame.

    Hence, Su Cha never paid any attention to her.

    Besides, Mona knew how to engage with her fans online. Su Cha was surprised that Mona was placed first in popularity, but she thought that it was normal for Le Anqi to place second.

    Su Cha was ranked third in popularity, she believed that her individual performance video that the producers had uploaded on the website had boosted her popularity.

    Jin Mou was placed fourth.

    The other contestants were seeded contestants that the program’s team found to be promising. After all, viewers and producers alike, they would be able to determine which contestant sings well based on their performances.

    After the release of the popularity ranking, Le Anqi called Su Cha, “Wow! Su Cha, I can’t believe that I am ranked second in popularity in our competition region!!”

    Le Anqi did not mean to show off. She just could not contain her surprise and excitement.

    Su Cha smiled, “Congratulations.”

    Su Cha was not concerned about the ranking. With a high ranking, it would provide Le Anqi an advantage in the competition and increase her chances of making it into the Top 10.

    Su Cha was unsure about Le Anqi’s ability to perform after getting into Top 20. As compared to the other contestants who were competing for the Top 10, Le Anqi’s singing ability was considered mediocre. Her popularity would make up for it and increase her chances of getting into the Top 10.

    “Su Cha, you are third! Congratulations! I think you will make it into Top 10. That’s good. But, the results of the college entrance examination will be released soon. Su Cha, I’m so nervous.”

    Le Anqi changed the topic rather quickly. Su Cha laughed, “What are you nervous about? Aren’t you confident about getting into Imperial Capital Arts College?”

    “I’m not nervous about myself! I’m nervous for you!”

    Le Anqi continued in a panicked voice, “Do you know what I saw on our school’s forum yesterday? Everyone is waiting for your college entrance examination results to be released! That mentally retarded, Yu Chuai, said that she is waiting for you to kneel in front of her, and I was so angry when I saw that!”

    The joy of being in Top 50 could not be compared to the degree of anger this matter brought.

    “Oh, Su Cha. I haven’t asked you this, did you estimate your scores after the test?”

    After the examination, some students would compare their answers with the answer sheet to gauge their scores.

    “No, I’m too busy.”

    Su Cha’s simple response revealed her indifferent attitude. Le Anqi almost puked blood in exasperation, “Why are you unconcerned about the college entrance examinations? You are really….urgh! I don’t even know what to say. I have a call, I will hang up now. When the results are released, don’t check it! I will check it for you.”

    With that, Le Anqi hung up.

    Su Cha lightly smiled as she put her phone away to complete her own errands.

    After Bo Muyi left, Su Cha temporarily moved back to her own home.

    As she was moving soon, Su Cha had made arrangements with the landlord to end her lease by the end of the month.

    When Li Dongfeng was murdered at her apartment complex, several families in the neighborhood immediately moved out. Su Cha was a young girl, and she had stayed in her apartment for a long time. The landlord knew that it was not easy for her to live on her own. He promised Su Cha that he would return her deposit when she moved out.

    At the end of the month, Su Cha would officially move out of her apartment.

    That night, Su Cha’s phone was unexpectedly bombarded with all sorts of messages.

    As Su Cha had set her phone on silent mode, she only saw the message notifications when she woke up. The messages were not advertisements but rather messages sent by top universities in the country. Su Cha had not only received multiple messages but also several missed calls from these universities.