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Chapter 165 - Celebration

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 165: Celebration

    Su Cha had heard that before the official release of the college entrance examination results, the universities would receive the students’ results beforehand.

    Because that would give the universities time to snatch the top-performing students.

    These universities would only reach out to students based on their qualifications. Only top students from the major cities were worth reaching out to.

    Su Cha had never expected to be in such a situation. Although she was confident in her results, she sighed when she saw the messages.

    Now, her life was about to really begin.

    In the past, Su Cha would have never been met with such a situation. No universities would fight to snatch the old Su Cha and enroll her in their university.

    Now, she had the experience of being a top student.

    Universities were fighting to enroll Su Cha into their schools. Besides, both the local and overseas universities had reached out to Su Cha.

    The universities offered Su Cha great benefits to entice her to enroll in their schools. Other than waiving the tuition and miscellaneous fees, they would even provide her with a scholarship.

    The favorable conditions showed that Su Cha must have attained an excellent score.

    But, there was an unwritten rule that the universities could not reveal the students’ specific results in advance. However, through the information the schools had provided her, Su cha could make an accurate guess.

    Top scholar.

    They said that she was the top scholar.

    Su Cha curled her lips into a smile. Top scholar, this title made everything clear.

    However, the universities did not specify the school’s top scholar or the city’s top scholar. Su Cha did not care about that.

    As long as she is the top scholar, it would mean that she is placed first in school.

    She had won the bet.

    Su Cha closed her eyes and calmed herself down before she headed out.

    She knew that in the past, the universities would directly visit the top students to snatch the student for their school. Two years ago, a tragedy happened. A top student lost his life during a brawl involving the student and the administrative staff from the universities. After the accident, universities were banned from physically visiting the students. They could only reach out to students via reasonable means such as calling and sending messages.

    The physical act of snatching students was too ugly.

    If universities were not banned from physically visiting the students, Su Cha believed that she would not be able to leave her apartment.

    Now, it was easy for her to read through some of the messages the schools had sent.

    In her heart, Su Cha had decided to enroll in the Imperial Capital University. Of the messages she had received, the Imperial Capital University was one of them. They had called Su Cha, but she did not answer.

    Su Cha firmly but politely rejected the other universities who had reached out to her. Su Cha had to be firm to prevent future harassment from the schools.

    This was, in fact, one of the troubles top students have to face.

    Su Cha had invited Le Anqi and Cai Ziya for dinner. When the girls saw Su Cha, they frowned. Le Anqi asked, “How are you still so calm? How are you relaxed enough to invite us to dinner? The results will be tomorrow, and I’m already so nervous.”

    Cai Ziya nodded in agreement, “I am so nervous too. I will be going to the Magic Capital. I think with my results, I should be able to enroll in any university there. Su Cha, what about you?”

    As compared to the two girls, Su Cha was exceptionally calm. It was usual for the girls to be in a frenzy as the results will be released tomorrow.

    “Being nervous does not help.”

    Su Cha faintly smiled as she offered Cai Ziya and Le Anqi a cup of tea each, “To celebrate, I will treat you guys to this meal.”


    Le Anqi was puzzled, “What are we celebrating? Didn’t we already celebrate our entry into Top 50?”

    Cai Ziya, who was more academically inclined, had a better understanding of the college admission process. She suddenly gasped, “You received the notice?”