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Chapter 166 - Yu Chuai’s Moments

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 166: Yu Chuai’s Moments

    Su Cha nodded. Without keeping the news from them, she directly said, “I have received the admission notice from the Imperial Capital University, they will send it in written form later.”


    Le Anqi shrieked, “Aren’t the results yet to be released?”

    She couldn’t believe it and was excited. At this moment, she jumped up, causing people at surrounding tables to stare at her.

    Cai Ziya pulled her back and bit her tongue to awaken herself. “You’ve already received it. Good heavens, Su Cha, how well exactly did you do for the exams?”

    Just as those who had exemplary grades consistently were already guaranteed entry, Cai Ziya knew that there were also those who performed exceptionally well for the exams, such that even before the college entrance examination results were released, the colleges would already begin poaching them!

    Since they had means to know the results faster than the students.

    Among all the students, the very top performers were their ultimate goal.

    The key was that though the whole country is huge, the Imperial Capital University directly notified Su Cha. How well must Su Cha have done for the exam?

    Hearing Cai Ziya’s words, Le Anqi also reacted. “Early admission?”

    She was so excited that she was about to fly, but the girl before her eyes merely nodded and said calmly, “I’m not sure. They said I was the champion, so I might be the champion!”

    Though the actual results were not released yet, she could already estimate her position.

    It would be reasonable for one school to be mistaken, but it would be unrealistic for a dozen schools to all make a mistake.

    “My goodness!!! My goodness!!!”

    Le Anqi couldn’t help but stand up and bend over to hug Su Cha, so aggressively she fell onto the seat.

    The gaze of the whole hotel fixated on them, Su Cha felt a little helpless.

    Cai Ziya bit her finger, not daring to believe it. Her eyes couldn’t conceal her shock, and she murmured, “It’s unimaginable… Su Cha, are you a god?”

    From 600 points to becoming a champion, no matter what she would get no less than 700 points.

    After all, Cai Ziya knew that there was Min Chen defending the top score, and Min Chen’s score could not be lower than 700.

    If Su Cha was the champion, was there a need to dispute her score?

    “Oh my God.”

    Cai Ziya, who had come to realisation, couldn’t help but hug Su Cha, the two girls jumped around noisily in the restaurant, and it took a long time for them to calm down.

    “No, I can’t contain it, I want to post on the forum, I want to post on Moments.”

    Holding her phone, Le Anqi’s whole body couldn’t stop tingling. Su Cha reached out straight to hold her. “You can post it tomorrow after the results are out, we’re going to school the following day.”

    Le Anqi immediately understood and nodded vigorously like a pecking chicken.

    At this time, Cai Ziya received a WeChat message. At first glance, she couldn’t help but laugh.

    Le Anqi turned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Cai Ziya handed over her mobile phone. “This is a screenshot my friend sent me, of Yu Chuai’s Moments.”

    On her phone was a screenshot showing someone’s post on Moments.

    Yu Chuai: A dozen famous schools are scrambling to snatch our Min Chen. The ending is obvious, I think someone will kneel before me tomorrow. Tsk tsk, I can’t bear it, after all someone is participating in a programme, she even has a little fame~ I don’t know if this will become part of someone’s dark past forever!

    “Pfft, how retarded!”

    Le Anqi couldn’t help laughing and mocking. If they didn’t know Su Cha’s score, they might panic. Now, they were certain that Su Cha was the champion. It was normal for Min Chen to score well, but who could compare with the champion?

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya looked at each other. They could almost imagine Yu Chuai’s eyeballs falling out of their sockets when she saw the results the next day.