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Chapter 167 - She’s Done For

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 167: She’s Done For

    Before the college entrance examination results came out, everyone was waiting nervously.

    The school where Su Cha was at was no exception – scores obtained determined their future.

    Everyone was restless at this moment.

    Everyone’s future was to be determined at this moment.

    Yu Chuai looked closely at her computer.

    Even though Min Chen had already received notifications, Yu Chuai was only a little relieved. She still had to see the actual result before she could fully relax.

    Tomorrow, after going to school, she would see Su Cha kneeling before her.

    With this thought, the corners of Yu Chuai’s lips curved upwards.

    At that moment, there was activity on the college entrance examination score site!


    Yu Chuai burst into a smile, quickly and skillfully clicked Jiang’an Province. Just as she was about to select Yonggu Town, Yu Chuai suddenly froze.

    The scores in the province were also refreshed quickly. The liberal arts and science streams were arranged in two columns, which could be seen on the same page.

    She had wanted to select Yonggu Town, but at that moment, she was at the page showing Jiang’an Province’s college entrance examination score, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

    She stared till her eyes were about to fall out, her eyes fixed directly on the first position of liberal arts.

    Name: Su Cha

    Examination venue: No. 7 High School, Yonggu Town, Jiang’an Province

    School attended: No. 9 High School, Yonggu Town, Jiang’an Province

    Examination number: 119

    Score: Chinese 141; Mathematics 149; English 148; Literary Comprehension: 292

    Total score: 730

    Ranking: No. 1 in the province

    Remarks: Provincial Champion


    Yu Chuai threw aside her mouse in an instant and screamed angrily.

    “I must’ve seen wrongly, I must’ve seen wrongly, this is not her, this person only has the same name and surname, just the same name and surname!”

    Yu Chuai’s eyes were red. She couldn’t believe her own eyes, this was the provincial champion, the provincial champion!!

    Ranked first in liberal arts in the whole province, how could Su Cha have gotten it, how was it possible!?

    Yu Chuai’s hands were trembling. She bit her bottom lip harshly, selecting the entrance examination ranking of Yonggu Town.

    Name: Su Cha…

    Ranking: 1

    Remarks: No. 1 in the province


    Name: Min Chen

    Ranking: 2

    Remarks: No. 2 in the city, No 7 in the province


    Yu Chuai screamed and overturned everything on the table!

    “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong, Chuai?”

    Her parents knocked on the door panickedly. Since it was a big day for the results of the college entrance examination, they did not want to put too much pressure on her and hence let her view it alone.

    When they heard their daughter scream, their first thought was that she had messed up the exam.

    They became worried.

    “Same name and surname, same name and same surname!”

    Chanting it over and over, repeating it over and over again, Yu Chuai’s tears were coming out. She was very clear that there was only one Su Cha in No. 7 High School in Yonggu Town, and she had inquired of her student number herself. 119!

    She was red-eyed and couldn’t believe the facts she saw. How did Su Cha have the ability to take the first place in the province?! She cheated, she must have cheated!

    Otherwise, there was an error with the score ranking.

    However, she knew very clearly that it wasn’t in school. There was absolutely no way of cheating in the college entrance examination venue. If found out, one’s future would be ruined and only jail awaited.

    She shuddered, took out her mobile phone, and dialed Min Chen, wanting to receive confirmation.

    However, the moment the call went through, before the first beep ended, the line was cut off.

    “Sorry, the number you have dialed is busy…”

    Yu Chuai knew – she was done for.