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Chapter 168 - Provincial Champion

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 168: Provincial Champion

    As unbelieving as Yu Chuai was, so were a whole bunch of Su Cha’s school mates.

    Including students from other schools.

    Who was this Su Cha that popped up suddenly?

    No one expected this year’s champion of the liberal arts to actually come from Yonggu Town!

    There were so many key high schools in the neighbouring city, they had never lost the position as provincial champion in recent years, but this year it was taken by Yonggu Town?

    Not mentioning them, even the teachers in school – after seeing Su Cha’s results, they stared so hard their eyes were about to pop out.

    The moment He Qun saw Su Cha’s results, she almost choked to tears.

    Teaching Director Cao Yanhua was also muddled.

    It was not only him, even the city’s Education Bureau called the school and was so thrilled they couldn’t stop talking.

    They wanted the school to get in touch with this student quickly, so that the Education Bureau could reward her greatly!

    Unexpectedly, this year their city produced a provincial champion, the Education Bureau from top to bottom was insanely filled with rejoicing.

    After all, they produced a provincial champion, they would surely receive many rewards.

    “Su… Su Cha, this couldn’t just be the same name and surname, right?”

    He Qun murmured and couldn’t believe it. Another teacher present smiled and said, “How can there be so many people with the same name and surname? You can see it clearly – from the school to the student number, it’s all your student Su Cha’s. Teacher He, I couldn’t tell, this time, you can just wait for a promotion and a salary raise!”

    Producing a provincial champion, how amazing was this?

    It was not only Teacher He alone, the entire Nine Middle School was hyped up.

    Min Chen, whom they viewed as the most promising from before, did not dare to think of the position of provincial champion. Who would’ve known, Su Cha shocked everyone and directly became the provincial champion.

    He Qun fell into a daze, and thought of the girl’s firm and calm gaze.

    For a moment, she felt it was too unreal.

    Too scary, back then didn’t she say she would become first in the school, now she directly became the provincial champion?

    In just one short month, how did she do it?

    I ‘m thinking about how awkward Min Chen and Yu Chuai are now…

    Yu Chuai’s finished anyway. She dragged Min Chen into her own rhythm. Wasn’t she betting with Su Cha at first? Don’t involve Min Chen.

    If Su Cha didn’t get this score, things would probably have developed as we imagined, now Su Cha directly became the provincial champion…

    The discussion about Su Cha on the school forum exploded.

    A provincial champion, Yonggu Town hadn’t produced one in so many years.

    This year, suddenly they did.

    And it was such an awesome score that made almost everyone worship.

    However, shortly before the exam, there were not many who dared to believe Su Cha could get first place in the school.

    Now she directly became the provincial champion which was a whole other ball game compared to simply first in the school.

    For a while, everyone felt awkward, their faces had just received a resounding slap.

    Especially the teachers who had slandered Su Cha for cheating that time, now they did not know how they could face Su Cha.

    Apart from the school, the program team was also notified that a contestant had directly become the provincial champion, and were shocked.

    Woah, they had seen stellar students participating in the competition, but have never seen a provincial champion being so wilful in participating in such a talent show.

    With this score, how good would it be for her to contribute to the country? But she actually came to participate in this girls’ talent show?

    The champion of Jiang’an Province is from Yonggu Town!

    The champion of liberal arts is from Yonggu Town, and the record of the highest score of the liberal arts in Jiang’an Province has once again been broken!

    The provincial champion is actually a talent show player? She has entered the top 50 in the competition!