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Chapter 169 - Is He Possessed?

The Queen of Everything
     : Is He Possessed?

    The minute the results were released, Su Cha called Bo Muyi right away.

    Su Cha didn’t want to tell him about receiving the admission notice straight away, since she wanted to make sure everything was foolproof first.

    Because she didn’t know whether being a champion referred to being the city champion or the provincial champion at that time.

    Now since the results have been released, seeing that she was the provincial champion, Su Cha was a little dazed, but when she recovered, she smiled gently.

    It was great. Although it seemed unrealistic, she had put in the effort.

    This feeling was really wonderful.

    At first, she forgot her bet with Yu Chuai and just missed Bo Muyi, who was now far away in the Imperial Capital.

    In the Bo family’s mansion study, stood a row of people in black.

    One of them was whispering something while the man sitting in front of him, behind the desk, had a handsome face that was ethereal. His eyes were closed, and the aura exuding from his body was cold. Just a face-to-face meeting could make people feel very powerful oppression.

    He was like a king that descended into the world, full of supreme nobility.

    Knock knock knock…

    There was a sudden knocking on the door, and the bodyguard in black who was whispering at this time was so surprised he broke out in cold sweat.

    The man whose eyes were originally closed opened them instantly. Not a trace of emotion could be seen in his eyes, unlike previous signs of agitation, one could not guess his current mood.

    They were discussing matters. Who feared no death and disturbed the young master so ignorantly?

    The unsuspecting party not only knocked, but also mindlessly pushed open the door.

    They didn’t dare to turn their heads to see who it was. The other party seemed to have walked over, saying respectfully, “Young Master, Miss Su’s calling.”

    That was Bai Kun, the personal assistant next to the young master.

    The sight of the young master flaring up as everyone was imagined did not occur. Bo Muyi motioned slightly, and Bai Kun knowingly handed his phone to him.

    When receiving the phone, the man who looked cold and fierce opened his mouth, and out came a gentleness that was so shocking everyone trembled. “Hello, Cha Cha?”

    Everybody present couldn’t believe it, but Bai Kun had an expression which showed he was accustomed to it.

    “Muyi, my college entrance examination score is out.”

    The girl’s soft voice announced the joyous news, “I got 730 in the exam, the best in the province. I have received the admission notice from the Imperial Capital University! Am I awesome?”

    Bo Muyi: “Cha Cha’s so awesome!”

    Everyone: “…”

    The gentleness between Bo Muyi’s eyebrows almost overflowed. “What kind of reward does the incredible Cha Cha want?”

    “I haven’t thought about it yet, I don’t need a reward, but you promised me before the exam. You said that you would grant a condition if I got a score of 700. I haven’t thought about it yet, so I will first put it on the account.”

    Su Cha still remembered this matter and mentioned it directly, how could Bo Muyi not agree.


    He smiled even more gently, even though the bet was originally out of fun intent.

    However, even if there wasn’t a bet, Bo Muyi was willing to agree to any conditions Su Cha named.

    “Is everything over there in the Imperial Capital good?”

    Su Cha asked as usual. Bo Muyi’s expression darkened. “Not good.”

    How could it get better without her by his side. “You must come to the Imperial Capital quickly.”

    “Soon. Latest by the end of the month.”

    Su Cha had become accustomed to his occasional coquetry and complaints, but those over in the Imperial Capital were not used to it.

    Seeing Bo Muyi in this manner, even their cheek muscles started shaking, horrified wondering if their young master had been possessed by someone.