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Chapter 212 - Ineffective Intimidation

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 212: Ineffective Intimidation

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Please explain to my client and me the reason why she is being detained.”

    “My client has been shot twice and is receiving medical care in the hospital right now. Even when his legs are healed, he won’t be able to move about normally. Who on earth has given you cops the right to fire your guns as you please?”

    “If you don’t give us a proper explanation today, Liren Police Station will receive mass complaints from us lawyers!”

    Feng Yuqi learned about the situation in the main office through his shutters. There was a crowd of high-spirited lawyers demanding an explanation. They were very arrogant. It was as if the police station was their home. They even requested that the employees serve them beverages.

    “What should we do, Chief? These lawyers have come to look for trouble!” The instructor sighed.

    Feng Yuqi frowned and paced about in his office a couple of times. He lifted his head and said, “You go out first to stall them.”

    Upon hearing that, the instructor’s face turned green. He resignedly laughed. “Asking me to clean up Xiao Luo’s mess, Chief, is really too unfair of you. Furthermore, I am just an insignificant instructor. I am still capable of helping the staff build a healthy mindset, but do you think I am capable of debating with those impressive lawyers?” He paused for a while. He sighed slowly and said, “They have made it obvious that they want to get Xiao Luo into trouble. I think the only way to pacify their rage is to sacrifice Xiao Luo.”

    Feng Yuqi was lost in thought and indecisiveness. To be honest, it would not have been satisfying to lock this tiger of a man, Xiao Luo, back into a cage just because of troubles at this level.

    There was a sudden commotion downstairs. After looking through the shutters, he realized that it was because Xiao Luo had arrived at the police station for duty.

    When Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu entered, all the employees in the police station looked at them in awe. No, to be exact, they were looking at Xiao Luo. He was too f*cking badass firing three shots in one go. And, the last two crippled the other party’s legs. It was their first time seeing such a badass cop after working for so many years.

    Ma Pijin was gloating. He said to the colleague beside him, “See, this fella is a classic example of ego-inflation. He shot at people as he pleased, and he fired two shots in one go. Even if he knows someone in the district office, they can’t save him, let alone our chief.”

    “Yeah, Xiao Luo is definitely a gone case this time around. No one can save him!”

    Ma Pijin was not the only jealous one. There were others like him in the police station. Birds of a feather flocked together, so Ma Pijin had become very close friends and colleagues with them.

    Although she was detained in a temporary detainment cell, with lawyers to support her, the lady in green pointed at Xiao Luo and loudly cursed, “It was this assh*le! It was he who arrested me!”

    The five or six lawyers all surrounded him and angrily glared at him.

    “What crime has my client committed? Why did you arrest her?” a lawyer demanded.

    Xiao Luo calmly replied, “She organized a mass-fighting incident. That is why she has been detained.”

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu pushed the lawyers out of the way and opened up a path for Xiao Luo to pass through.

    Xiao Luo walked to the door of the cell. He took out a key and unlocked the door. “Madam Xin, you may leave, but please keep in mind not to gather in a crowd and cause trouble from now on. Otherwise, I will still arrest, detain, and educate you.”

    “Heh, now you finally know how to humble yourself. That is what you should have you been doing all along!”

    However, the woman in green had no intention of coming out of the cell. She crossed her arms before her chest and coldly snorted, “Do you think I am a stray cat or dog by the roadside that you can arrest and release as you please?”

    She thought Xiao Luo was intending to appease her, but she deliberately wanted to go against his wishes and blow the matter up. She had to make Xiao Luo pay a high price for his actions.

    Xiao Luo plainly asked, “Don’t you want to leave?”

    The woman in green snickered. Feeling secure because of the backing present, she fearlessly sat on the iron stool embedded into the wall and loudly replied, “Do you think you can arrest and detain people as you please just because you are a cop? If you don’t provide me with an explanation, I will remain seated here and refuse to leave!”

    The five or six lawyers timely chimed in, “Officer, may I know what reason you have to arrest my client?”

    “Participating in a mass fight, refusal to comply with investigations, and insulting law enforcement officers with swear words,” Xiao Luo coldly said. “Are these reasons not enough?”

    The lawyer slowly replied, “All these are based on your accusations. Are there any witnesses to prove your claim?”

    Another lawyer stood up and laughed. “My client is a gentle lady. How could she have participated in a mass fight? Do you think what you are saying is believable?”

    “She didn’t participate directly, but she is the direct organizer of the mass-fighting incident at the mall,” Liu Tieguo said. “We can all be the witnesses for that.”

    The lawyer said, “Just now you said that my client participated in a mass fight, now you are saying that she was the organizer behind the mass fight. I can’t help but doubt your case investigation abilities. Plus, you all are colleagues and friends, so your testimony cannot be counted.”

    “The court is a place that looks at the evidence. We will sue you all for arresting and detaining our client without proper investigation. Then, you all will lose your jobs, and you all will have to compensate my client for moral and reputation damages.”

    A lawyer with glasses said in a firm and strong tone, “The two items will add up to at least a million dollars!”

    A million?

    This considerably shocked everyone in the police station. Even if they had wrongly arrested someone, surely the compensation wouldn’t cost such a terrifying sum of a million dollars.

    “How pitiful!”

    Ma Pijin expressed his deep condolences toward Xiao Luo, but he was actually very happy.

    Even Feng Yuqi and the instructor in his office were shocked. It was true that regardless of whoever you mess with, never mess with lawyers. They could casually demand millions-worth of compensation. How could people like them, who were doing actual work, defeat lawyers in court?

    “One million is too little. He must compensate me at least $5 million!” The woman in green viciously glared at Xiao Luo.

    “Alright, as you request, Madam, we will get him to compensate you $5 million,” the lawyer in glasses said.

    “Also, you fractured my client’s legs with your gun. That was extremely wicked behavior. You have broken the law despite knowing it very well. You will be sentenced to 10 years in prison at the very least.”

    “We will follow the necessary court procedures and sue you formally, as well as the Liren Police Station behind you.”

    “You must pay for your dumb actions!”

    The crowd of lawyers bombarded Xiao Luo with words. Their phrasings were very aggressive.

    Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu wanted to say something. In the end, they didn’t say anything despite having opened their mouths. It was true that people like them couldn’t express themselves very well.

    Xiao Luo laughed coldly and said, “You all really think you are a somebody.”

    “What did you just say?” the lawyer in glasses angrily asked.

    Xiao Luo turned and looked at him with contempt. “You think you can decide the sum I must pay as you please and sentence me to 10 years in prison as you please. You all dumbass lawyers are very powerful, huh? If the situation really is in your favor as much as you put it, what’s the point in trying to intimidate people here? You wouldn’t have sent me an attorney’s letter but a court summons.”


    The lawyer in glasses was quite enraged. He had never met a cop who wasn’t afraid of lawyers in the seven or eight years he had been working as one.

    “There are witnesses everywhere in the mall, as well as surveillance footage,” Xiao Luo said. “Do you think your client can be absolved of responsibility regarding the mass fight? No, you can’t. The reason why you are exaggerating things over here and talking about $5 million worth of compensation and 10 years in jail is only to intimidate me.”