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Chapter 878 - Lucky Kiss!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 878: Lucky Kiss!

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    It was the day of the final examination.

    Wen Xinya woke up bright early in the morning at 6 A.M. She felt exceptionally refreshed after waking up from a good night’s sleep, all thanks to the comfortable full body massage that Si Yiyan had given her before sending her back to the Wen Family home last night.

    She freshened up and changed into activewear before going for a one-hour jog along the road around the Wen Family mansion. She then took a simple shower to wake herself up.

    At this moment, Si Yiyan called her.

    Wen Xinya smiled and answered the call.

    Si Yiyan asked in a clear and crisp voice, “Are you up yet? Did you sleep well last night?” Si Yiyan paused before asking softly, “Did you miss me?”

    Due to the fact that she had to sit for her examinations in the morning, Si Yiyan sent her back to the Wen Family home at half-past eight last evening, hoping that she could rest well and prepare herself for the for examinations.

    Wen Xinya smiled and answered, “I woke up at six this morning and I slept very well last night. I’m very energized now. As for whether or not I miss you…”

    She purposely paused in her speech and dragged the last bit of her sentence in a teasing manner.

    Si Yiyan grabbed placed his mobile phone nearer to his ear, waiting to hear her answer. Last night… he had numerous dreams about her.

    Wen Xinya decided to stop teasing him and instead whispered, “I dreamed of you last night. I wonder if that counts as missing you.”

    She dreamed that she was riding a suave black horse that was galloping around the mountains.

    Si Yiyan smiles and said, “Yes, it does!”

    Wen Xinya giggled and asked, “Did you miss me last night, then?”

    She felt that it would be a little unfair if she were to miss him, but he did not miss her.

    Si Yiyan answered, “Yes, I did! I dreamed that you were straddling me and riding me all night like a queen.”

    Wen Xinya turned red immediately and said in embarrassment, “Si Yiyan, so much for reading holy books and books about morals and principles. You’re just a lecher with a corrupt mind.”

    Although she had chided him, she felt a little guilty and remorseful at the thought of what she did last night.

    Si Yiyan defended himself calmly. “What you think about in the day will turn into your dreams at night. What does that have to do with the books I read?”

    Utterly speechless, Wen Xinya exclaimed, “You’ve got a sharp tongue, eh? I can never outargue you!”

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter and said, “I thought… you had long known how sharp of a tongue I have…”

    Si Yiyan’s laughter often sounded pleasant and alluring over the phone. Wen Xinya hurriedly interrupted. “Wait, hold it… cut it out.” She then found that she didn’t sound threatening or assertive enough. “If you go on… I’ll ignore you.”

    It was all Si Yiyan’s fault for making her read the Kama Sutra for the whole of yesterday… causing her to end up having erotic dreams.

    Si Yiyan asked smilingly, “I just wanted to talk about us feeding each other last night. What were you thinking?”

    “If you go on, I’ll really start ignoring you.” Wen Xinya glowered for a long while before realizing that he wasn’t able to see her face. She then placed her mobile phone in front of her and glared at it.

    It was as if Si Yiyan could see her glaring at her mobile phone adorably. He smiled and changed the subject. “You’re going to sit for the exam today. Do you feel nervous?”

    Wen Xinya regarded the examinations very highly. She was extremely intelligent in the first place and could master knowledge and concepts easily. Si Yiyan reckoned that it would be a piece of cake for her to make it to Capital University. However, she did not seem too confident about it. Not only did she revise over and over again, she even made him give her tuition all the time. Although she did not tell him, he knew that Zhong Rufeng had also given her lots of tuition.

    He could empathize with how she felt and how much she wanted to make it to Capital University based on her own abilities. However, he felt that she was making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Wen Xinya pouted and answered, “I’m extremely nervous. I’m just really afraid that I won’t be able to make it to Capital University based on my own abilities.”

    During this period of time, she had been thinking about her dreams to get into the school of design. Yes… her dreams had been shattered in her previous lifetime, all because of Ning Shuqian, Ning Yuya and Xia Ruya. Without her dreams, she no longer had any hope and chose to give up on herself in the end.

    She wanted to gain the favor and recognition of the Wen Family based on her talent in design. However, her hopes got dashed in the end.

    Studying design was her dream for two lifetimes. That was also the reason why she was insistent on getting into Capital University.

    Si Yiyan said softly, “Xinya, don’t get too nervous. I believe that my girl will definitely become the brightest shining pearl in this world. The final examinations are only the first step of your success after you become an adult. Although they’re very important, don’t be too fixated on gaining success. Just relax and stay calm. You will succeed.”

    He had always believed that his girl would become the most resplendent woman in the world.

    Si Yiyan’s soft and tender voice was exceptionally comforting and alluring. Feeling much more relieved, Wen Xinya said, “I know. I’ll get a grip on my emotions and put my best foot forward.”

    Si Yiyan knew that she had yet to absorb all of his words. So, he spoke in a more light-hearted tone. “Xinya, you must have faith in yourself and in me. No matter what happens, I’ll be by your side. If you can’t fulfill your dreams on your own… I’ll help you.”

    Regardless of the process, she would definitely be admitted to the university of her dreams in the end, by hook or by crook.

    Tears welled up in Wen Xinya’s eyes and she said, “Si Yiyan, I know. I’ve always known that.”

    She suddenly felt much less conflicted. So what if it was the dream that she had been harboring for two lifetimes? Being too stubborn and fixated was an extremely negative mindset, and even if she were to get into the field of design… she wouldn’t go far.

    Si Yiyan knew that she was an intelligent girl. “Xinya, lucky kiss!” He then kissed the mobile phone and exclaimed, “Good luck!”

    Upon hearing the sounds of his smooch, Wen Xinya felt extremely touched and filled with positivity. She kissed her mobile phone and exclaimed, “Si Yiyan, I love you!”

    After ending the call, Wen Xinya replayed the recording of the phone call and began grinning sheepishly while listening to it.

    She did not expect that Si Yiyan would be such a romantic person.

    Wen Xinya felt much calmer and rid of nervousness because of the bliss she felt.