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Chapter 170 - There’s Bo Muyi, Don’t Worry

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 170: There’s Bo Muyi, Don’t Worry

    After hanging up, Bo Muyi’s expression immediately returned to one of indifference.

    His eyes were indescribably cold and vicious, as if the gentle man who had laughed on the phone a while ago was just an illusion.

    Bai Kun really admired the young master’s face-changing skills.

    Even actors could not match the natural ability of the young master.

    Only now did the few people under his grasp heave a sigh of relief. Compared to the rare gentleness that Bo Muyi just displayed, they felt it was the current him that was normal.


    After talking with Bo Muyi, Su Cha proceeded to announce the joyous news to others.

    Of course, those whom she was familiar with were few, it was only Sister Wu He.

    She was too lazy to notify even her father.

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya didn’t need her to specially make a call. At this moment they were already crazily elated, and didn’t think to call the hero herself.

    Upon knowing that Su Cha had gotten such a heavenly score, Sister Wu He was stunned. She couldn’t help but cry and sigh heavily, “If I had known earlier you could score this well, what entertainment circle would I let you enter!”

    Entering the Imperial Capital University and subsequently a high-in-demand course – if Su Cha could maintain this standard, she would definitely become a top talent in the future. Why did she need to tread the muddy waters of the entertainment circle?

    “Sister Wu He, this is where you are wrong, I am entering the entertainment industry out of my own accord.”

    Su Cha explained, “You can just treat it as a wish of mine.”

    Why she wanted to enter the entertainment circle in this life, was probably this ideal of hers which was not satisfied in her first life.

    In fact, at that time, she was also unclear about her desire to enter the entertainment circle. She didn’t know why she herself wanted to enter the entertainment circle wholeheartedly. Now in her third life she still wanted to, and this time it was purely just to fulfil her dream in her first life.

    With this kind of capital, one could go anywhere.

    The entertainment circle was no exception.

    Wu He sighed heavily. She belonged to an advertising company, hence she naturally knew some things about the industry. “In that case, don’t let yourself down in the future. I also want to remind you of some things while you’re participating in this program.”

    Speaking of this, she lowered her voice, “I know some people like to hunt for fledgling newcomers. Su Cha, if you encounter this kind of thing, don’t agree, even if you’re pressured to, you can’t agree.”

    This is Wu He’s only insistence.

    She regarded Su Cha as her younger sister, the clean gaze in her memory must not be stained.

    She had long been worried about what to do if Su Cha really became famous when she participated in the show. At that time, she couldn’t say much, seeing Su Cha so fixated on entering the entertainment circle.

    Now that Su Cha suddenly had another path as an option, Wu He did not shy away from saying these things.

    Even if Su Cha was targeted by someone, she had one more option.

    When Su Cha heard this, she too knew Wu He was saying it for her own good, but she still didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I know, Sister Wu He, don’t worry, I won’t do anything wrong.”

    Not to mention that in this life she had the ability to deal with this. If Bo Muyi knew that she was entangled with such matters, it would be questionable whether the party would be able to preserve their life.

    She also felt that when it came to other people, Bo Muyi was one who could do anything.

    Otherwise he sometimes wouldn’t give off such a fearful feeling to others.

    Regarding this matter, from the beginning to the end, Su Cha had never worried about it at all.