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Chapter 247 - Super Shameless

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 247: Super Shameless

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    After running several tests and diagnoses, the doctor prescribed a few medicines for Ning Meng prior to giving her more advice about taking care of her health during her period. Then, she and Huo Beichen visited the pharmacy in the hospital to get her medicine before taking a taxi to Yuxiu Garden.

    Arriving home, Ning Meng quickly changed into a new set of clothes. As she walked into the living room, Ning Meng noticed some steam fuming out from her kitchen.

    Taking a peek from behind the kitchen door, Ning Meng saw Huo Beichen cooking a pot of Brown Sugar Ginger Soup for her. The smell of ginger was so strong that she could smell it all the way from the living room earlier.

    Covering her nose, Ning Meng complained. “Big brother… no, no gingers. I hate eating those things.”

    Huo Beichen, wearing Ning Meng’s apron, held up the ladle and stared at her. The steam that was wafting around him somehow made him seem like a divine being that had descended to her kitchen.

    She had called him “big brother” again.

    A smile spread across Huo Beichen’s face as he ladled out a bowl of soup, carefully picking out the gingers for her.

    Then, he went to gently bring Ning Meng to the sofa before grabbing a blanket from upstairs for her. After making sure that his dear wife was now warm and comfy, Huo Beichen went back into the kitchen to bring out the Brown Sugar Ginger Soup for her.

    “Drink.” Huo Beichen ordered.


    A frown was stretched upon Ning Meng’s face as she shook her head weakly.

    “No. I don’t wanna drink this.”

    “Call me ‘brother’ again.”


    Well, she had called him that several times already, she supposed calling him that again wouldn’t hurt.


    Huo Beichen petted her head gently after hearing this. “Good girl. Call me that from now on, alright”

    “… now that I’m calling you ‘brother’… can I not drink that soup?”

    “No. You still need to drink it.”


    Before Ning Meng was able to lose her temper, Huo Beichen sat next to her and threatened her. “Are you going to drink this yourself? Or are you going to make me feed you the soup mouth to mouth?”


    Geez, this was getting awkward. A blush of red crept up on Ning Meng’s face as she took the bowl and drank the soup in a few large gulps.

    As she put the bowl down on the coffee table, Ning Meng could see some traces of disappointment on Huo Beichen’s face—he seemed to have expected her to pick the “mouth-to-mouth” option.


    “So, you’re saying that… Mr. Huo has been taking care of you for 3 whole days?”

    3 days later, Ning Meng was fully recovered and had finally been willingly released by Huo Beichen’s carebear paws. After seeing him off to work, Ning Meng made a call to Zhen Shanmei.

    “Yeah, he did not even mention anything about the situation with my dad. Not only that, but he was also such a caring angel during these past few days~ The attention to detail he had when taking care of me… it was impeccable!”

    “Stop! Stop right now! I am suspecting that you’re calling me right now just to brag about it.”

    “Oh, you don’t need to suspect anything. In fact, I’m hoping for you to scold me for a few things.”

    “Scold you? For what?”

    “For being so in-shape~ and for being married to such a wonderful husband. Not only that, but you should also scold me for being so rich~”

    “…you’re super shameless, you know that?”

    “Thank you for the compliment~”

    A few seconds of silence later, Zhen Shanmei continued with their chatter on the phone. “So, you’re going to Shanghai with Li Shiyao? I want to go too, but my dad hasn’t given me enough allowance for traveling lately.”

    As soon as she finished her words, Ning Meng could hear Zhen Shanmei’s father’s voice yelling in the background. “All you know is to spend, spend, and spend! Don’t you know how hard it is to earn money?!”

    Zhen Shanmei pouted. “Oh, of course I know. Every time I want to ask for more allowance, I’d always have to get an earful from you.”


    Ning Meng’s mouth twitched as she heard this.

    “Well, if you want… I could fund the trip for you, Shanmei.”

    Then, a few more seconds of silence passed on the phone before Zhen Shanmei opened her mouth once again. “It’s okay. I can’t go anyway because my dad arranged a blind date for me.”