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Chapter 248 - A Family of Three

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 248: A Family of Three

    After ending her phone call with Zhen Shanmei, Ning Meng called for a taxi to bring her out.

    Over the last few days, she had been kept in her home by the overprotective Huo Beichen, hence, she could only search for a director online. That was how she had found this talented director for hire. After a few phone calls with him, she was invited to visit his film workshop in Shanghai.

    Thus, Ning Meng decided to bring Li Shiyao with her there via the China Railway High-speed (CRH). Ning Meng’s seats were in business-class, one that was placed inside a suite with 5 seats inside.

    Other than her and Li Shiyao, there was also a bald middle-aged man and his preteen daughter sitting in the suite inside.

    Seated next to them, Ning Meng was able to watch the father-daughter interaction in its full glory.

    Hugging her teddy bear, the girl stared at the man with her pure naive eyes. “Dad, I want that big bear that you’re carrying.”

    The man replied gently, “No, this is not for you. This big bear is for mommy.”


    Ning Meng felt touched as she watched this interaction, and consequently, she took out her phone and sent a message to Huo Beichen: [Brother Chen, if we have a child, would you love the child or me more?]

    Lemon Extract: [My dear missus, to answer that, I would need to have a kid with you first. So, would you mind telling me when you’re coming home?]


    Feeling flustered, Ning Meng put her phone aside and watched the father and daughter again. The man was making a phone call to his wife, telling her the details of their trip. “Just now, a blind man was begging for money, I gave him 100 yuan.”

    The wife’s voice was muffled through the phone’s speaker. “You should be careful. Many scammers are pretending to be blind people.”

    The girl suddenly opened her mouth. “But mommy~ that blind man called dad a ‘handsome sir’!”

    “Ah, I see. So he was indeed blind.”


    Suppressing her laughter, Ning Meng sunk herself comfortably into her seat for a quick shut-eye.

    Seeing this, the man and girl lowered their voices, not wanting to disturb Ning Meng’s rest. They were quite polite and friendly throughout the trip.

    Just as the train was about to arrive at its destination, Ning Meng received a message from Han Meilin: [Meng Meng, are you heading to Shanghai today? If you’ve got the time, could you help me check up on God? I’m worried about him.]


    Han Meilin had sent her an address via text.

    Ning Meng: [Aunt Meilin, how did you know that I’m going to Shanghai today?]

    Han Meilin: [Your dad’s WeChat Group. He mentioned it there.]


    Ning Meng switched to WeChat to look at Ning Wentao’s WeChat Group, and Han Meilin was right—she could see her father bragging profusely in there: [Haha, my daughter has indeed grown up. She is now going outstation for work, my little girl is such an elite!]


    Ning Meng then replied to Han Meilin: [I’ve done a quick Baidu, his place is quite near to my hotel. I’ll find some time to visit him.]

    Han Meilin: [Thank you.]


    In a villa at the Jing’an District in Shanghai.

    God was wearing the uniform of the E-sports team he had joined—”Team ET”, sitting in front of a gaming computer, doing a match-pairing.

    A person walked over to him and gave him a game account. “Our captain asked you to play as this client. Make sure that his ranking climbs up to the High-Ranking Board.”

    Stunned, God replied, “I already have an account in my hand. I was asked to make this account reach to over 200 Ranking in 2 days, I can’t possibly handle so many accounts at once.”

    “What? You’re complaining?! You’re just a d*mned bench player. Are you asking us to send our top players to handle these small, meager assignments?”

    After a short pause, God nodded his head.

    The person let out a snigger before walking over to another player. “What an idiot! Can’t he see that our team is asking him to help earn money by ranking up these accounts? He’s been sleeping 5 hours per day maximum in the last half a month!”

    The other player shook his head. “He wants to go pro, so all he can do is to tolerate this. He’s a newbie, meaning he’s not popular. He’s a nobody. If he quits our club right now, who would take him in?”